Play Online slots (slot machines). Best casino games online in 2020

As you probably know by now, slots are part of the program of games in almost every casino on the Internet. They can be played directly on the website, with some providers; or even after a download, as well as with a mobile device, perhaps even with a real app. If there is a bonus, then it usually has to do with a slot machine or with the slots in general. And you can count on promotions in any casino in the world. After all, they have to set themselves apart from the competition.

Ultimately, the only question is whether free spins can be used directly at a slot. Or do you get credit without a deposit or a deposit increased? In this case, conditions have to be fulfilled, and the slots will probably be given as games for this implementation. So all this shows that you can’t get around the slots.

Slots Bonus – Free spins and no deposit bonus on offer

A bonus specifically for the online slot machines is expected to mean that you will receive several free spins or some bonus money. Some online casinos offer such bonuses just before you make a real deposit. That means that you do not bear any risk. In the following three casinos that we presented to you, you will be able to try these bonuses for free!

Mr Green – reputable casino provider with slots and casino bonus!

Mr Green is the name of a recommendable online casino with many high slots. The online casino games from Merkur and NetEnt are presented, which have an incredibly positive reputation. Still, they cannot be played in every casino on the Internet. 

New customers are entitled to a bonus of up to 200€. Up to this amount, there is an increase of 200%. And that is by far, not everything. You can look forward to 10% of your deposits made from Monday to Thursday as a bonus every Friday. Losses are refunded on Sunday, and Free Spins and Loyalty Points are also possible. Of course, you have to fulfill conditions if you want to participate in such a bonus offer. The money must be wagered 35 times within 30 days, which is not unusual.




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Casumo – secure online slot provider with Free Spins

Under the name Casumo, an online casino enjoys great popularity, which specializes in the slots. But there are also numerous other games presented in the listed program. New customers have the chance to receive a €500 bonus and 100 free spins. The winnings made with them are subject to pleasant conditions compared to the competition. The same applies, of course, to an increased deposit. Both must only be wagered 30 times within 30 days.

Note the difference: an increased deposit is quicker to wager, and you can cash out the money you have won. This is, without a doubt, a serious offer. Besides, this particular casino has renowned partners for its games. And when it comes to promotions, by far, not everything has been described that can be expected.




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Wunderino – Casino Provider with Top Bonus!

Wunderino is an online casino with a tradition that hardly any competitor can match. This already clearly shows how serious this offer is. You have the opportunity to play many great online casino games, including many classic slots. But this provider is no longer necessarily specialized in them, as it was the case over many years. 

A new customer can receive up to €740 as a bonus. Later, for example, free spins are possible. The money must be wagered 30 times within 30 days at the online slots so that the gift does not expire. From time to time, this provider presents a promotion where new customers can test the games without any risk. Either a credit is given or a series of Free Spins. However, you can only accept such an offer once.




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Casino games software – what slot machine software is there on the market?

It is simple logic: someone must program the games that can be played in the individual casinos on the Internet. The online casinos can not do this themselves, so there are service (software) providers. So these particular companies are specialized in creating different games. Some of them have a name that guarantees quality, others are not so well-known, but they also produce great entertainment slots. It can be worthwhile to look at the partners of the individual casinos for the software.

NovomaticMicrogamingNetEntPlaytechMerkurBally Wulff

Novomatic – the most famous casino provider with Book of Ra

Novomatic is the name of a company from Austria that specializes in slots. It is responsible for the Novoline slot machines. If you know a little bit about the casinos on the Internet, this name will be a household name. For example, the most popular casino game ever belongs to this group, the talk is of Book of Ra. Many other titles could be mentioned at this point. Since not every casino on the Internet has a partnership with Novoline, the casino providers who present these games are especially in focus. Many players are looking for these individual slots. Thus it concerns more or less exclusive offers and significant advantages for the casinos. Simply put, the customers are attracted.

Microgaming – on the market with slot machines and slots since 1994!

Microgaming software provider is a company responsible for many exciting slots that can be played in several casinos on the Internet. Hardly any other software company that specializes in games on the Internet has such an excellent reputation. It was founded in 1994 and has earned its reputation during this time. Many new games are launched on the market at regular intervals, it is almost impossible to keep an overview. Not every casino on the Internet presents these games, but where you find them, you should play. Because Microgaming means that the provider is serious, that there is a wide selection; and that both classic and highly modern slots can provide winnings.

Netent – large casino software provider with many casino games

NetEnt software provider is one of the enormous names when it comes to software for the casinos on the Internet. Also, one of the most popular games ever was programmed by this company, founded in Sweden in 1996, namely Starburst. This shows that many classics belong to the program, but the offer of the new games also knows to convince. As with other companies with this specialty, partnerships are not the norm. So when a casino presents the games from NetEnt, this is a plus. By the way, are not only slots produced, but also numerous other sports, such as roulette or blackjack.

Playtech – secure software provider with slots to movies

Playtech is another company that produces highly secure software for the casinos on the Internet. These are slots and the so-called table games. The company makes a turnover in the millions every year. It has hundreds of employees and will never allow the games to be manipulated. A casino, for example, has no access. A unique feature of this company is that slots are often produced that are based on current cinema films. To do this, the rights must be purchased. And if the company’s producers allow this, this naturally speaks for Playtech.

Merkur – Casino Software by Gauselmann became famous with slot machines like Triple Chance!

Hardly any other company that produces games for the casinos on the Internet has such an excellent reputation as Merkur. And merely any other company acts so exclusively. Because one finds the slots of Merkur only in a precise selection of online casinos. The company that produces the slots was founded in the fifties of the last century. It is a company from Germany, which has also produced and still produces ordinary slot machines. One could mention numerous famous slots at this point, one example of many is Triple Chance. If you have registered in a casino on the Internet and this presents the games of Merkur, then this is a positive sign.

Bally Wulff – German online casino software from Berlin with popular slot games

Bally Wulff is one of the young and fresh names that produce games for the casinos on the Internet. This company has connections to Germany, more precisely to Berlin. It is well known for its games’ graphic design and is becoming more and more popular among players. They know that there is no access from outside, and therefore manipulation is impossible. Make sure that the casino of your choice also carries games from this manufacturer in its program. That would be a quality feature. There are always new games following, Bally Wulff is clearly ambitious, this is noticeable if you observe the market.

Real money slot machines – no download and no registration required!

It used to be standard practice to download software to play in an online casino in the past. Or, in other words, a program. But you weren’t sure what else to download and install on your computer. According to observations, you play at 100% of the casinos on the Internet directly in the browser. You could theoretically even do this without prior registration. But this way you do not win real money, because you only play with play money. Ideally, you log on to the casino of your choice, use a casino bonus and win. Maybe this bonus even consists of free spins, then you also have no risk of your own, but you can book real money.

It used to be standard practice to download software to play in an online casino in the past. Or, in other words, a program (App). But you weren’t sure what else to download and install on your computer. According to observations, you play at 100% of the casinos on the Internet directly in the browser. You could theoretically even do this without prior registration. But this way you do not win real money, because you only play with ‘play money.’ 

Ideally, you log on to the casino of your choice, use a casino bonus and win. Maybe this bonus even consists of free spins; then, you also have no risk of your funds. However, this must be implemented according to the rules. Usually, in a short time and with a specific frequency, such a thing is feasible. Only using ‘play money’ means that you have fun and nothing more. But this is not the purpose of a visit to a casino on the Internet.

Incidentally, there is also a mobile access, usually also via the browser. This means that you can play the games in a casino with your smartphone even when you are on the road. Again, either with play money or with your own real money.

Online Slots Mobile play – via app or browser to unlock the bonus!

Almost every casino on the Internet today presents its customers with the possibility to play online casino games. Even the first registration of a new customer is possible with a smartphone or a tablet computer. Whether or not every single game from the casino’s often pervasive program can be played while on the move cannot be guaranteed. But an extensive selection will be available, especially online casino slots

The question is whether this access can take place via a casino app. This is a small program, which can be available for different operating systems. So if you use an iPhone, you need a separate app than someone who has an Android device. More popular is the so-called web app. This term can be translated as a mobile website. You go to the site of the casino of your choice via the browser of the device you use (it could also be a tablet computer). You could save this, then in the future; it will only be one click away. The operating system plays no role here. The main thing is access to the Internet.

Best Casino Games – Novoline and Merkur Slot Games with Book of Ra especially popular

No concrete number is known when it comes to online slots on the Internet. On the one hand, what is meant is how many of these popular games the individual providers present. There are always very many, but sometimes there are hundreds and sometimes only dozens. But there are also casinos with more than 1000 games. And that leads to the second paraphrase. Because nobody knows how many games there are in total. But there will be thousands and thousands because new slots are always being added to the classics. 

Several companies have specialized in the software for these games. Especially useful is the reputation of Merkur and Novoline. Book of Ra, Book of Dead, and so on, they enjoy incredible popularity among players. However, these two companies have an extraordinary approach because they have only partnered with a select number of online casinos. Thus, these games are also a feature of quality. Whether you can play them in the casino of your choice, you can often recognize them by logos, which are located at the bottom of the online casino’s website. Of course, you could also simply initiate a search on the Internet and specify one of the two names connected with the word casino.

You play these games and almost all others in the same way. You open them, place a bet, and, if possible, set up pay lines. Then the reels roll. And depending on what motives are displayed, you may or may not win. The graphics differ; some games have their own stories. And some have unique features. Otherwise, there are no differences that will overwhelm you.

Slot machine strategies and systems – what are some well-known tactics?

You often play more successfully in the online casinos on the Internet if you use a strategy. This, of course, also applies to slots. So if you concentrate on the slot machines, you should think carefully about the way you play. Whereby you have to focus mainly on the stakes because you do not have a real influence on the games. They are games of chance, the reels must show the right symbols to win. But you have no power here. Only bet as much money as you can afford. But set as many pay lines as possible, this increases the chances of winning. 

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Popular casino games: slot machines

In general, a bet for more money also means more winnings. However, the essential chance is different on more pay lines than when there are fewer of them. You don’t need to know the stories behind the games, you don’t even need to know the meaning of the symbols, because you don’t have to decide anything for yourself. For example, when a feature opens, you will quickly see what you have to do. In simple terms, a function means that you have an additional opportunity to win.

Take a close look at what promotions are available at the casino of your choice and see if you are interested. Remember, however, that each bonus has conditions that must be met. So maybe you would rather forgo, play directly with your own money at a slot and win. And then you arrange a payout. Conclusion: there can be no basic winning strategy for a niche, but winning is likely.

Are fraud and rip-offs possible at online casinos with slot machines?

Online casino slots are clear and secure!
No place for fraud in our listed casinos! Play online slots safe!

Some people believe that the casinos on the Internet are cheated. But these are prejudices. They also refer to the slots, of which there are so many. But if you think a little bit, it is simply that they are games of chance. Winnings are not guaranteed. The casino itself has no access to the slots, they are provided by companies. And these companies make such large turnovers that they will not manipulate themselves. That would destroy the reputation and turnover. Besides, these companies don’t even have your money. So there would have to be large-scale cooperation for a scam.

But word gets around. But there are no known cases. The security standards at the individual casinos are so high that no third parties can access the games. And even if they could, you wouldn’t suffer. Because no one will want to hack into the casino to make the players lose.

On the contrary, but these cases are not known either. If there is a rip-off, then with rules that apply to the implementation of a bonus. Or limits are set for stakes that are to the detriment of the players. You can easily find out about these topics on the Internet. Enter the name of the casino you are visiting.