Everything about online slots strategies in 2020

Slots are more popular today than ever before, and so it is not surprising that there are also more articles, books, and blogs about strategies. Every player has to find the best approach for himself. In this guide, we’re mainly giving general advice on what to look out for. Even though many slots look and work similarly, every title has its subtleties, and that’s where the real game of slots begins.

Know the slot!

Many players often only look for where there is the biggest jackpot and what bonus winnings are possible. This is all very important for the player, but the exact function of the Wilds and Scatters is much more important. Above all, you should have a precise overview of free spins and hidden levels. The design of a slot machine is somewhat secondary for a real player because it has nothing to do with the possible winnings. Whenever possible, you should always play a slot where you can make the highest bets. If this is not the case, you should choose another slot.

Progressive Jackpots

Many titles in online casinos are linked to these very high jackpots. So if it is possible, you should choose one of these titles. Often your slot is then connected to a variety of other niches, and the jackpot usually rises in such claims than in the millions. Although it is tough to win the entire jackpot, instead of a single jackpot, you, as a player, will get access to all of them.

Change the slots

If you find a title you like as a player, you should not play it exclusively. Many players make this mistake and are then disappointed when their slot is revised and lose their advantages. So when you find a title that brings you winnings, try to find others. However, you should not just change the design and always prefer the same types with the same pay lines. Alternatives such as titles with the 243 pay lines should also be included in your selection.


Just because you have played your slot title for a long time does not mean winnings will follow. All payouts are still random, and you should never get bogged down in one title and spend all your energy on that one slot. In all your games, you should always keep your bankroll in mind. Many players forget this point and only see their winnings. The many bets and resulting losses often fall by the wayside.


Whenever you are active on your slots, keep your emotions out of it. This applies to both positive and negative emotions because both types of feelings can lead you as a player to throw your strategies to the wind. Players who are eager to repeat losses are just as often represented as players who play for far too high stakes after a win.

Last Updated on August 26, 2020