The ABC’s of How to Play Slots (Slot Machines)

Learning how to play slots is often the most natural part. It’s winning in this game that’s hard – but DON’T WORRY because right after we teach you how to play slots, we’ll be giving you some valuable pointers as well on how to win in the online slot machines. So ready for our ABC’s?

A is for ALWAYS

Always choose to play online casino games for free first when you’re just practicing. Since it’s your first time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be winning right away unless you’re one of the chosen few who are blessed with beginner’s luck. Also, playing slot machines online is more convenient, especially when you’re just practicing, and you’re not out to win – yet. You can play slot machines online for free in your very bedroom, for example, as long as you’ve got your PC with you and a reliable Internet connection.

Many sites allow people to play casino slot machines for free, so choose the site that appeals to you the most. Graphics are essential in these games since it’s also one of the things that entertain you and keeps you playing.

Are you done choosing then? Let’s proceed to the next step.

B is for BEFORE

Before inserting a coin or pressing the spin button (or any button at all, for that matter), it’s essential to read the rules of the slot machines first. Yes, the rules used in slot machines vary, depending on the casino management that owns them. Understanding the rules is an excellent habit to develop when playing the slots. It prevents you from making costly mistakes.

So read! This is not the time to say that reading is an annoying task. If you don’t read, you might be wasting your money.

C is for CHOOSE

Choose whether you wish to play the regular slot machines or the progressive slot machines. The difference between the two slot types is quite primary: with the regular ones, you’ll get exactly what you win. As simple as that! With the progressive slot machines, on the other hand, your win is slightly decreased. A certain percentage of your success is always added to the pot. With the progressive slots, you’re not just out to have a few measly wins, but you’re there to kill the pan – the JACKPOT, specifically.


When you’re done choosing, it’s time to hit the spin button. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. This is also the time when tips and strategies would come in handy. Some say that one’s sense of timing doesn’t matter one whit when playing the slots, but others say otherwise. Whichever you believe in, it’s always essential to E!

E is for ENJOY!

So good luck!

Last Updated on August 26, 2020