Lucky Tips and How to Win at the Online Slot Machine

Before, slot machines used to be accessible only through land-based casinos. Hence the thrill and excitement of the game could only be felt if you are physically standing in from of a concrete machine. Luckily, through this magnificent medium called the Internet, games can be made available to anyone and anywhere. This did not exclude the slot machines. Therefore, this kind of entertainment is accessed right in your bedroom while wearing your comfortable pajamas.

Now that you are interested in playing on an online slot machine, you are probably wondering if any online slot tips that can be useful enough to increase your chances of victory. Or in more easy words – How to win in online casino games? Remember that a real winner in the online slot machine is the one who can enjoy a game of pure luck – and be able to take home a prize which is above his or her budget.


The first online slot tip you should know is to control your emotions. This means managing your bankroll as well. As you play on an online casino game, your chips are intangible; hence it is easy to detach with your money. The moment you lose, you might try to recover your losses by trying to bet more. Because of losing control of emotions, you are actually betting irresponsibly. Therefore, put a limit on your failures and know when to stop.

Know your Slot

Online game houses have different kinds of slot machines. Therefore, know what online slot you are going to play. If you want a nice, fat jackpot, then progressive slots are for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to savor your leisure time, look for additional slot machines with a relatively small prize. This online slot tip is crucial because you might find yourself playing the wrong machine on the wrong objective.


This leads us to another online slot tip, which is to know when to raise your bets. It is often useful to increase your chances by progressively wagering from the lowest denomination and slowly crawling your way up. However, do this only if you are experiencing a winning streak. Your own bankroll is not stretched to its limits, only your current winnings at hand.

The Rules

Another online slot tip is to read the fine print (THE MIGHTY RULES) before seizing the welcome bonus. Online slot tournaments are known for enticing potential players with their juicy bonuses. However, some of these online game houses require a huge wager requirement to cash out the bonus. If you are forced to wager too much money to cash out this bonus, you know that it is not worth it.


Each online slot tip is useful for your enjoyment of the game. Remember that winning is really about having fun by responsibly manipulating your resources. Real winners take pleasure in the trill of betting his or her bankroll – but still, know when to give it a rest. By patiently knowing their objective, their bankroll management, and the games they play, there is a chance that odds will be on their favor.

Lucky tips from SLOTS43.COM

Playing the slots is supposedly simply a test of your luck. In short, these people say that skills do not matter when it comes to online slot machines. If that’s so, why not increase your chances of getting lucky when playing the slot machines?

Weren’t their times when having a particular object with you seemed to continually bring you luck? Weren’t there days in your life that sometimes, nothing or everything could go wrong? These are the incidents that you should remember now because fickle fate is the invincible enemy you seem to be facing when playing the slots, increasing the odds in your favor and fighting fate head-on by making sure that you’re lucky as you can be.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain, so here are a few get lucky tips to consider when you’re about to visit the casino:

Get Lucky Tip # 1 – The Magic Underwear

You heard in the movies, didn’t you? And you read about them in some books, right? I even know of a famous player (we shan’t name which sports star) who can’t play well if he doesn’t have his favorite underwear on. Probably, the magic underwear concept is just a psychological thing. Still, hey, beggars can’t be choosers, and if a piece of underwear would make someone feel better, then why not let him be?

So if you have any piece of underwear that seems to bring you luck, what are you waiting for?! Wear it when you play!

Note: Some people say that the underwear has to be unwashed as well to strengthen the magic. It’s up to you if you wish to find out the truth in this when playing the slots. Still, we strongly encourage you to bring perfume when you do to avoid err – making other players feel uncomfortable. Also, some people, instead of having lucky underwear, have fortunate socks or shirts.

Get Lucky Tip # 2 – Lucky Legends

Surely, there’s a valid reason why some stories become legends, right? Who can say that believing in the title and following it wouldn’t do anything good to your slot machine career? Hence it’s time to find a three-leaf clover, kiss the Blarney Stone, drop a coin in the wishing well, or ask a feng shui master if that’s your thing.

Get Lucky Tip # 3 – Lucky Charms

There are a lot of those. It could be an heirloom, an object with sentimental value, or even a Buddha pendant blessed by a Tibetan monk…take your pick!

Get Lucky Tip # 4 – Praying

Praying and gambling may rarely be seen together in one sentence. But as long as you’re only having fun and there’s no one you’re harming when gambling, God surely isn’t narrow-minded enough not to listen to your appeal.

Last Updated on August 26, 2020