Redeeming Vouchers In Slots

When the player is in a hurry, he or she doesn’t have to cash out immediately. The player can keep the voucher in his wallet then just use it in playing later, but this also posed a big problem when the player forgets and fails to cash the voucher in before leaving and going home. Casinos vary in their policy for redeeming the slot vouchers, which have been forgotten. The system differs in each state and also depends on the owners of the casinos.

Policy of redeeming voucher in land-based casino

The Policies of the Casinos In Foxwoods located in Connecticut, the vouchers that come out from the machines are valid for at least two hundred forty days. If a player forgets to cash it in, he or she can just mail it and collect his or her money.

A large company for gaming, Harrah, which owns many casinos all over the United States like the Atlantic City, says that their EZ Pay vouchers don’t expire. However, after three months or ninety days, the player needs to go back so they could cash the voucher in. A player can also request Harrah to cash in the forgotten voucher by mailing it in to the address that is printed at the back of the voucher, which also comes with the necessary instructions.

Another gaming company with casinos all over the nation is Boyd. Their policy for forgotten vouchers varies from one casino to another. In one of Boyd’s casinos, Sam’s Town, which can be found in Tunica, the forgotten slot game vouchers are still valid or useful for at least sixty days. The player can also mail it to them. However, they could redeem their money in Fremont, one of Boyd’s casino. It can be found in the downtown area of Las Vegas. The vouchers will expire after the grace period of thirty days. There isn’t any possible way a player can instead mail it in because their policy is to redeem the vouchers personally.

The vouchers in Mirage, also found in Las Vegas, can redeem in ninety days. But a player can’t mail the coupon into cash; he or she must go there personally.

The policies in redeeming the slot game vouchers differ very much from one casino to another. It is best to call the number of the casino concerned if you forget to cash in your voucher because sometimes the casinos can alter the policies.

What the Players Can Do

If you forgot to cash in your voucher from the casino with a policy that you cannot send your coupon, it would be best to call the host of the casino and explain.

To prevent forgetting your slot voucher, remember to redeem the voucher immediately after you play. Always make it a habit to check the wallets or bags you have for all the slot vouchers before leaving the casino so you would not forget to cash it all in.

That’s why we would recommend you to play online casino slots online!

Last Updated on August 26, 2020