Types of Progressive Jackpots and Definitions

When slot players walk into a casino, their one big dream is to hit the coveted substantial progressive jackpot. It is a slot player’s fantasy to hit that life-changing progressive jackpot, thus making their life easy in the future.

But there is one truth that every slot player knows that progressive jackpots are very elusive. The reason is that the odds of hitting the progressive jackpot are minimal. But this doesn’t mean that casino slot players need to avoid progressive jackpots. As long as you know what to expect in playing progressive jackpots and have made your expectations very realistic, there’s no harm in playing the game.

Progressive jackpots have three types – Stand Alone Progressive, In-House or Proprietary Progressive, and Wide Area Progressive.

Stand Alone Progressive Jackpots

The Stand-Alone Progressive machine is a slot machine that is not linked or connected to other slot machines. This is the machine that has a fixed jackpot prize. A certain percentage from the coins played is taken out and added to the jackpot as an award for the highest winning combination of symbols. The Stand-Alone Progressive machine has a meter placed on the front showing the progressive jackpot.

Usually, the payback of these slot machines is equal to other slot machines of that type of denomination. Still, the coins played are just distributed in a different to vary the amount of the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpots in Stand-Alone Progressive machines are much less than the progressive jackpots from linked slot machines.

In-House Jackpots

The In-House or Proprietary Progressive machines are composed of a group of devices that are linked together. These machines are owned as well as operated by the casino. The progressive jackpots on these slot machines are not the multi-million-dollar kind, but the prize is considered a substantial win. The In-House or Proprietary Progressive machines are most often hit compared to wide-area progressive jackpots.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpot

The Wide Area Progressive machines are the types that offer the life-changing progressive jackpot. These machines are connected or linked together by various casinos. An independent operator is responsible for operating them. The casino only gets a share from a percentage of the winnings. The progressive jackpot is so massive, but the chance of getting it is tiny.

Playing progressive jackpots is totally dependent on lady luck; that is why it is not wise to make progressive jackpots your pillar in playing slots. A smart thing to do for slot players is to set aside a specific percentage of the slot bankroll for progressive jackpots. Never ever spend your whole slot bankroll in them, or else you will go home broke. But remember, you can always enjoy your favorite online casino slot games for free.