Honest poker sites for the US players in 2021

Welcome to 2021! We are sending all the best wishes to every reader of our website, Slots43. Additionally, we would like to start this year with something new and fresh. And why not drop a few words about the popular game poker? Why is it so popular in the US? And what should we expect from the lits of honest poker sites in 2021?

List of TOP 5 honest poker rooms in the USA

Bovada – super old and trustworthy gambling operator in the US. Here you can test and play every kind of gambling games like casino, poker, and even place a bet on sports. It was refreshed a few years ago with a whole brand new design and usability features. Also, they have added a few extra payout options, which means a lot. Speaking shortly, if you are looking for the best website where you would like to play some poker games, then go and sign up at Bovada poker room – the most honest poker site in the US.

Global Poker – The next candidate on our list will be Global Poker. It has a very respectful MGA license (Malta Gaming Authority) and is available to almost anyone. The exception here are players from Washington State. It is mobile friendly and can be played on your iPhone or Android-based phone. Additionally, it offers a 20 USD free welcome package upon account verification, a very generous bonus. 

Ignition Casino Poker Room – One of the first honest poker rooms that offer its players anonymous deposits via Bitcoin. It attracts tons of new players every day with its impressive welcome bonus of 150% on a real money deposit. As usual, such a gambling site will also offer another type of entertainment like casino games, where you can also get up to 1500 USD bonus.

Americas Cardroom – Poker company that was founded back in 2001 in Costa Rica. Additionally, it has a valid and legit license from the Cyprus Gaming Authority. America’s Cardroom (ARC) offers various deposit and withdrawal methods like check, Bitcoin, Cash Transfer, Visa, and Mastercard. Also, we recommend you to check their official website for more information. Besides, there is a cool website Beatthefish, where you can check a detailed review of Americas Cardroom. In our honest opinion, they did a great job reviewing almost all honest poker sites available for the US players. 

Honest poker sites reviews at Beatthefish

BetOnline – this poker website is fully legit for every US player. It is operated under the Panama Gaming Commission license. Every newly registered player can grab up to 100% of the welcome bonus package on a real money deposit. Speaking about its other feature, we would like to mention that it accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum, a true and modern way to gamble securely.

Online poker laws in 2021

Now let’s drop a few words about online poker sites and laws. As you may know, in general, gambling is a grey business in the US. Not every state is allowing poker websites to operate. But that doesn’t mean that citizens can’t play their favorite game. As usual, each honest poker site’s license allows it to operate in specific countries and regions under the jurisdiction they’re hosted in.

At the moment, such States like NJ, NV, and DE offer absolutely legal gambling. That means that you can access any US poker website and make real money bets. Additionally, there is another way to gamble. You can Google some offshore poker sites. They are also legit, have valuable licenses, and in most cases, they do accept players from the USA. Speaking truth, we didn’t yet meet any high-quality online poker website that would not accept Americans.

Current status of poker sites and their honesty in the US market

As you may know, the poker community is a huge thing to deal with. But somehow, people still considering it’s like a dirty grey niche. They are totally wrong. Of course, some people suffer from gambling addiction, but the ‘same’ crap happens in any other place. Dopping and spots? Here you go! Besides, the mentality should be changed, and only after that step, people will realize that poker is a real type of sport.

People can gamble for several reasons. Some of them are trying to relax or feel something new – the thrill of gambling. But let’s not prejudge those who understand poker as a game with strict rules. These players can also make fair money for a living. For example, in Nevada, the biggest poker tournaments are held yearly. Thousands of gamblers are gathering together under one roof. And these events are really fascinating.

In our opinion, poker is a fair and honest game. And while you are playing in legit websites like on our list, you have not to worry about your cash out possibilities. But if for some reasons you want to investigate and test any other poker room, just follow this little step by step guide:

  1. Read some reviews. We are living in 2021, where you can find anything about everything on the Internet. Don’t be afraid to ask Google about which poker sites are scams or else. Try to find professional help; for example, as we mentioned before – the Beatthefish portal covers almost all poker-related topics.
  2. Set up your budget for a game, and remember about responsible gambling. Don’t underestimate gambling addiction. Treat every game wisely, play smart, and you will be all good to go.
  3. Research and learn. Gambling is not that easy as you may think unless you are a real pro and know exactly what to do. Reasonable gambling guides can help you not to lose your entire budget in one go. Besides, they can uncover some of the strategies that can be used against noobs. It is not a secret that in most cases, you will play poker against fresh players. You can use it to your advantage.


We hope that this article will help you with your poker life. If you like what we are doing, you can always support us by writing us an email with a few kind words. Additionally, be sure to check our other articles about gambling!

Last Updated on June 22, 2021