Dead or Alive 2: Robbing the Wild West with NetEnt

Dead or Alive 2 (DOA 2) is a Wild West-themed slot machine developed by NetEnt software company and released in 2019. It is also a sequel to the first part of DOA. The game is designed in a Western-style; the provider managed to deliver a great product, thanks to good image quality with saturated colors, effects, excellent animation, and realistic background sounds. Make sure to check out Dead or Alive 2 if you like the Wild West theme or if you are a fan of Texas. In addition to the realistic Wild West atmosphere, this particular game is a great opportunity to win big: the RTP rate is almost 97% and the volatility is also high. High volatility means that players get payouts less infrequently, but the payout amounts are on a larger side.

Also, it is worth noting that not only Swedish company NetEnt (operates since 1996) was involved in the development of this slot machine but also a famous streamer LetsGiveitaSpin. NetEnt decided to work with renowned slots enthusiast to find out what the players want from the new product. As a result, NetEnt introduced the slot with beautiful animation as well as 3 bonuses for you to choose from – in any way, you will get 12 free spins for 3 Scatter symbols. Don’t want to wait until these 3 bonus symbols roll? Just buy a bonus! Especially considering that with each spin, you can get more than x100,000 of your bet amount.

Today, Dead or Alive 2 or DOA 2 is one of the most popular slots among all players. One of the reasons is the affordability of the game. You can start playing with a bet as low as $0.09, and the maximum can reach $9. If you think that the maximum bet amount is too low, then you can also spend more by getting a bonus – and you can do this an infinite number of times. The game is interesting both for its atmosphere and RTP rate but also for its simplicity. You get an intuitive interface that even an inexperienced player will find easy to navigate. Just choose an amount convenient for you to bet and press PLAY to attack the Wild West and get the jackpot for it!

Brief description

  • Game developer: NetEnt
  • Topics: Wild West, Texas, Western
  • Number of paylines: 9
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.09
  • Maximum bet amount: $9
  • Additional features: 3 prize games
  • Number of symbols: 12 (not including 5 variations of Wild symbol)
  • Special Symbols: Wild, Scatter
  • Free mode: yes
  • Mobile version: yes

Appearance and interface

Dead or Alive 2 slot machine by NetEnt

The Dead or Alive 2 slot machine is designed in Western style: the music and gunshots, featured symbols, the Wild West in the background image, desert colors. It all will plunge you into an atmosphere of those times – you will feel as if you are visiting Texas, which has similar terrains as in the game even today when it is the year 2021 outside. Despite the “antique” style design, modern technology is responsible for graphics, special effects, and the characters’ story in the game. Each character is animated in a different way.

There are 5 main characters of the Dead or Alive 2 slot machine. 5 substitute symbols are also available – not bad, right? You haven’t seen what they can do in the bonus rounds yet! The other symbols include a sheriff’s badge, a revolver, a hat, boots, a bottle of booze. The card symbols are rather simple, and only their outline is in bright color. Generally, the design of Dead or Alive 2 includes both retro style and bright colors – the old and the new in one place.

The game interface is simple – even a beginner online slots fan can handle it; everything is on an intuitive level. To play, use the bottom panel with active functions, where you will find: buttons to launch the 5 reels, change the bet amount or set its maximum, automatic game feature, and a link leading to the payout table. You need to adjust the coin value and its quantity parameters to change the bet amount: from $0.09 to $9. Also, you should check the game settings section, which provides the opportunity to make the spins faster, as well as to start the game with the space button of the keyboard.

There you will also find a function to adjust the music and sounds of the slot machine. To start playing DOA 2, simply press PLAY or use the spacebar to do so, having activated this feature in the settings beforehand. You can also use the automatic game mode and select from 10 to 1,000 spins; don’t forget to check the advanced settings – here, you can activate the safe mode feature that will help you stop with the game and limit the maximum amount of spending in this slot machine. Use the full-screen mode to completely get immersed into the atmosphere of the Wild West!

Symbols and winnings

If to take all 5 variations of the Wild symbol into account, we get 16 special symbols in total that you will see during the game in Dead or Alive 2. All 5 Wild symbols can replace other symbols except for Scatter; they are also available in 3 bonus games. As for Scatter, 3 or more of these symbols will get you 12 free spins. Scatter is a symbol in a shape of a revolver and a corresponding inscription.

The Wild symbols are 5 western style characters. Wild and Scatter will help you win the largest amounts. With the Scatter symbol, you can win by collecting at least 2 of them on a line, and for the other symbols – at least 3 of the same symbols are required to win. In addition to special Wild and Scatter symbols, there are also the standard symbols, 9 of them, that can get you a large sum of money when combined in the right way. You can find the paylines configuration on the game screen or in the payout table details.

High winnings:

  • A character with a machete
  • The character with the knife
  • A character with a cigar
  • The character with the revolvers
  • The character with the gun

Average winnings:

  • Sheriff’s badge
  • Revolver
  • Hat
  • Boots
  • Drinks

Low winnings:

  • Ace
  • King
  • Lady
  • Jack
  • 10

As for the Scatter symbol, you’ll get more for a line full of Scatter symbols than you would for a line of Wild symbols, but these symbols, even if less than 5 of them in a row will still bring you some good money, roughly comparable to an amount you would get from a card symbols combination. The replacement symbols (as 5 characters) lead to the top payouts. To win in Dead or Alive 2, simply get a combination of any 3 symbols or more. Amounts you win are displayed on a screen in both casino coins and your currency. All the same is waiting for you in the prize rounds that we will discuss further below.

Dead or Alive 2 slot bonuses

DOA 2 slot machine bonuses are interesting as there are 3 of them and each one is based on Wild symbols. Before the prize game start you’ll be able to choose your preferred bonus – with each of them you’ll have 12 free spins, but that’s not the limit, as you can an additional 5 free spins for each bonus. Dead or Alive 2 bonuses are one of the main advantages of this video slot.

  • Old Saloon. This bonus pretty cool because with it any payout in-game will be doubled. In other words, instead of $50 you will get $100. Great, isn’t it? What is also interesting is that any Wild symbol that appeared on your screen will stay there until the end of the bonus round, and if you collect at least one replacement symbol on each of the 5 reels, you will get extra 5 spins. So, if you are lucky enough, you can count on 17 free spins – 12 standard spins for 3 Scatter symbols and 5 additional spins for 5 Wild symbols.
  • High Noon Saloon. This bonus is interesting because 2 or 3 Wild symbols on the same reel will get you a multiplier of x2 or x3 \ that will apply to every amount you win until the end of the bonus round. As with the previous bonus, this one can be extended if you also catch the Wild symbol on each reel. Multipliers will work only if the Wild is a part of the winning combination; in this case, your payout will be increased by 2 or 3 times respectively.
  • Train Heist. The most popular bonus and it has 2 advantages at once. First, with each Wild symbol, the multiplier of subsequent payouts will increase. This can last up to x16 times (!); after that, you will get 5 extra spins, which is the second advantage. For your winnings to get doubled, you only need to get any character of 5 possible. Catch 10 for your payouts to get multiplied by 11 times. This way a $100 may become a $1,100, if you are lucky, of course. That’s a huge difference, isn’t it?

You can choose a different bonus each time. If you don’t want to waste your time waiting for 3 Scatter symbols, you can use the bonus game purchase feature – this way you will be able to choose the bonus you like most.

How and where to play Dead or Alive 2?

  1. Choose a casino. To play Dead or Alive 2 with confidence in the result, you need to choose the right reputable online casino. The best way to do it is to use our ratings, compiled by professionals in the field of online gambling. You can choose any quality casino, as each of them operates under a license. You can also be sure that any website you chose from the rating pays winnings to its customers timely, as well as offers original software from verified developers and lucrative bonuses. Decide on a reliable online gambling website, then proceed to registration. Make sure that the casino offers the Dead or Alive 2 game.
  2. Register. If you like the online casino, register on their website; it will take no more than 1 minute. Provide valid information, then confirm your registration and go to your personal online casino account. You will be able to choose one of the bonus offers or deposit without one. Select your preferred option and proceed to the Cashier section to make the first deposit.
  3. Refill your balance. Choose a convenient payment system for the deposit, specify the amount and make a transfer. As a rule, funds are credited to your account instantly and without any fees. If you prefer to get a bonus, it will also be credited to your balance immediately. Once your has a positive balance, you can proceed and start the game – use the first spins in Dead or Alive 2 !
  4. Launch the game. Go to the online casino lobby or the main page. Select Dead or Alive 2 from the range of available slot machines by entering (a part of ) its name in a search field or simply go to the list of all games from the software company NetEnt. Click on the slot preview image to launch it. The welcome window of the game will take you through the highlights, such as how to win and get bonuses.
  5. Now you can play. To make the first spin in Dead or Alive 2, you need to press the PLAY button in the middle. You can also press it twice to accelerate the drums and make them spin at a higher speed – the same option can be activated through settings. You can also tick the “Run with the spacebar” option to play without a mouse in the settings menu.

Free play mode

The demo mode of the Dead or Alive 2 slot machine gives you the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of DOA 2 without investing a cent. You can spend just 5 minutes or a few hours playing the free version, as you can use the free balance again and again at any time by simply reloading the slot page. As a rule of thumb, you don’t need to register to start playing. Demo mode is completely the same as the cash game, but there is one “but”: you won’t be able to get anything even if you win, whereas the cash game is popular for this very opportunity. That is why the free mode can be useful for those gamblers who are just starting out. If you need a first experience, be sure to try your hand at the DOA 2 demo mode; but if the demo mode is not for you, you can just play for real money, as this way triggers completely different emotions.

Also, the demo mode is perfect if you need to learn everything about this slot first, test and develop a strategy for the game or just “kill time”. Perhaps you like the Wild West theme, and this may be another good reason to play Dead or Alive 2. If you are an experienced player but have not heard of this slot before or haven’t had a chance to play it for any reason, then try out the demo version first and then play for real money, if Dead or Alive 2 is to your liking. To start playing for free and without registration, go to any online casino you like, find Dead or Alive 2 and click on the Play button. Once launched, select your bet amount and start the game. Even in demo mode, the game will immerse you into the atmosphere of Texas and the Wild West!

Dead or Alive 2 mobile version

Some time ago no one would have thought that in 2021 many players will switch to online gaming machines. One reason was that mobile phones are equipped with a relatively small screen that many found impossible to use for a full-fledged experience. However, the advanced game manufacturers do not doze off every year; they reach a new level in this industry to provide online gambling fans with the highest quality games. At least, this theory works in the case of Swedish developer NetEnt – almost 30 years of experience and stable growth.

Dead or Alive 2 mobile slot machine is an opportunity to play anytime, anywhere. You can take the game with you anywhere, even to Everest to enjoy another dose of quality entertainment. As for the convenience of playing from your smartphone: you can be sure about it – a high-quality adaptation of the slot for mobile platforms allows you to fully enjoy all the charms of games from NetEnt. The interface will be more compact, but all the game features remain fully functional. For maximum enjoyment – tilt your device to the horizontal position to activate the full-screen mode. Now you can enjoy the game for real money or its demo mode, with only your mobile device that is connected to the Internet!

Main advantages

  • Picture quality and atmosphere. Provider, as always, managed to convey the atmosphere of the storyline properly. In the case of Dead or Alive 2, it is the Wild West, not the fruit theme, which is much easier to implement. Revolvers, sheriffs, and – all these things will immerse you into the atmosphere of that time and let you relax your mind completely. The quality of the graphics is at the highest level: detailed drawing of the characters and objects, animation, effects. Particular attention was paid to the sounds that complement the overall picture, giving it realism.
  • Payouts and bonuses. Theoretically, each spin could bring you more than x100,000 of your bet amount. It is possible thanks to the high payout rate of 96.82% and high volatility, as well as the 3 prizes that you can choose at your discretion at once. Each bonus can be extended from 12 free spins to 17 by catching 5 Wild symbols. To get the bonus, just catch 3 Scatters.
  • User-friendly interface. The user-friendliness of the interface is also important, as that’s what you’ll be using when performing the actions you want. The interface is automatically translated into your language – the same rule applies to currency. A laconic interface design with a clear set of functions will let you quickly get familiar with the navigation menu, even for a new player.
  • Low minimum bet. The cost per spin in Dead or Alive 2 starts at a modest $0.09. This will allow you to evaluate one of the hottest slots, even for beginners who do not have big budgets for the game. You can deposit even $20 into your account, and that will be enough to try your luck for a big win and a few bonuses.
  • Opportunity to buy bonus. Not everyone wants to wait for 3 Scatter symbols to fall out, and in this case the provider decided to add a bonus purchase feature. This way you can buy the bonus that you like the most. If one bonus doesn’t pay off, try another one – you can buy them an unlimited number of times.
  • Playing from your mobile. If all you have at hand is a mobile device, don’t be upset. Moreover, you are already in luck, although you haven’t started playing Dead or Alive 2 yet. The mobile version of this slot machine is completely identical to the full version – the same interface and the same features, including all the bonus additions. Start the slot, flip your phone over and start spinning the reels. You can also sign up and create an account from any Android or iOS smartphone.

We don’t have a single argument against Dead or Alive 2 being one of the best slots of 2020-2021. Everyone is playing it: beginners, advanced players, streamers. Try yourself in the guise of a savage in the Wild West who is planning to hit the jackpot today too! At any time you can win x111,111 of your spin amount or get a bonus. In the bonus round, you can get 5 extra spins and multiply all the payouts by x16.

You’re missing out on a lot if you still haven’t tried to play Dead or Alive 2, the most sensational slot of 2019. Today, it is also on the list of the most popular slot machines among online gambling enthusiasts. After only 2 minutes, you can already make your first spin. Choose any casino on our website, register with it, make a deposit of any convenient amount and run the slot. It’s time to conquer the Wild West! 

Last Updated on June 22, 2021