Hotline: mission in Miami with NetEnt

Hotline is a video slot from Scandinavian developer NetEnt. It is based on the story of Miami’s 1980s jewel robbers. The game was released in 2018. It has received medium volatility, which means a balance between the frequency of winnings and their amounts. The theoretical return to players rate is 96.13%, which is higher than the average percentage other games offer. With every spin, you have a chance to win up to x400 more of the bet amount. In addition to the standard payouts in Hotline, the game has bonus rounds that include re-spins and a 7 free spins prize game. However, it’s hard to say for sure if the bonuses are the main advantage of this slot machine. After all, the game also boasts a unique idea and quality implementation.

The slot machine will fully immerse you into the atmosphere of Miami of the 80s: palm trees, disco, the first super-cars, neon, retro clothes and a lot of jewelry. A melody in the background of the game fits nicely into the whole picture and perfectly complements it. Hotline can safely be called one of the most stylish slots. Make sure to give it a try, especially if you like the retro themes and fast cars that are given no less attention than the main characters – jewelry looters. To get to know the game’s plot more closely, do not skip the introductory video, which begins immediately after the start of Hotline.

Among other things, Hotline can also be called a universal game, and there are 2 reasons for that: the most straightforward possible navigation and a wide betting range. Bets start from as low as $0.15, while the max. The bet amount can reach as high as $450. Getting to grips with the slot machine control is easy! However, the benefits of the game do not end there – at least Hotline can be praised for its adaptation for mobile devices so that you can experience retro Miami while anywhere in your city, country, and even the world. Feel yourself in the role of a robber while playing a licensed slot from the leading software developer Net Entertainment!

Brief description

  • Game maker: NetEnt
  • Theme: jewellery, retro, burglars, cars, money
  • Number of paylines: 30
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.15
  • Maximum bet amount: $450
  • Additional features: re-spin, prize free spins
  • Number of characters: 8
  • Special Symbols: Wild, Scatter
  • Free mode: yes
  • Mobile version: yes

Appearance and interface

Hotline Slot by NetEnt

Neon, palm trees, and a pink sunset are all perfectly associated with a paradise place like Miami in the 80s. The background image was chosen well. On top of it, you will see the symbols that also fit well into the plot – among them, you will meet the main characters and jewelry. And what about sports cars? When the red car symbol appears on the playing field, it triggers the car chase animation and also covers the entire reel. When the red car falls out, you will see a robber on the reel as he tries to get away from the chase. The police, by the way, is also “armed” with a sports car, only not red but white. After each win, you will see an animation on the playing field so that you will be able to understand how your winnings were formed.

To start playing Hotline, you need to use the black and white round button that is located in the central part of the bottom panel. If you go to the slot machine settings, you can make the game more convenient for you by activating the “Quick spin” and “Start with the space bar” features. Next to the PLAY button, you will see the buttons responsible for accelerated spins and the start of the automatic game. As for the automatic game, you can choose from 10 to 1,000 automatic spins that will work without your participation. Also, if necessary, you can check the advanced settings sections.

To change the bet amount, click on the coin icon – there, you can choose from $0.45 to $450 if all 3 rows are enabled. By default, it is the 3 lines that are active, but you can leave only 2 or even 1 line enabled if you need to reduce your bet amount. To enable or disable rows, click on the yellow or blue traffic light icon on the left side of the playing field. We recommend leaving all 3 rows enabled, as otherwise, the Wild symbol might not work if it appears on an inactive row. To go to the payout table, click on the help icon located next to the “Bet” value. Also, on the panel you will see “Winnings” and “Balance”: the winnings from the last spin and the current balance of the game account. On the right side you can adjust the music volume and sounds level in Hotline.

Symbols and winnings

There are 8 symbols in the game, 2 of them are special symbols, i.e. Wild and Scatter. The first one is a substitute symbol and also triggers re-spinning. The second is responsible for triggering a prize round of 7 free spins. The remaining symbols can be divided into 2 categories: main characters and jewels, and they are presented in equal proportions. The list of symbols includes 3 characters and 3 types of jewels.

List of symbols slot Hotline:

  • The girl with a hat
  • A man with a gun
  • The man with the glasses
  • Crown on a pink background
  • Necklace on a green background
  • Crown on blue background

Just now, we have listed symbols of the Hotline slot machine from top to less profitable. The most profitable symbol is a girl with a hat, the least profitable is a crown on a blue background. All of them bring winnings, but only if at least 3 of the same symbols are found on the active line. The position of the paylines can be found in the paytable at the bottom of the section. You can also get acquainted with the bonus additions to the slot machine, although we will further discuss them.

As for the special symbols, the substituting one is represented in the form of a red sports car resembling a Ferrari. If this symbol appears on any reel, it will automatically expand and cover all other symbols located on the same reel, after which the reels will spin again. The bonus symbol is in the shape of a paradise landscape symbol with “Scatter” written on it. This symbol must appear on a reel 1, 3 or 5, and if there are at least 3 of them, you will be awarded a bonus of 7 free spins.

Hotline slot bonuses

The main slot machine bonus is a round of 7 free spins; it is triggered if 3 or more Scatter symbols appeared in any location on the playing field (1, 3, 5 reels). The main advantage of this bonus is that it retains the expanding function of the replacement symbol. In other words, the Wild symbol will also expand and cover other symbols, and in this position, the game will be saved right up to the end of the bonus round.

If you manage to get the same symbol on all of the reels from the first bonus spin, you will then receive winnings for this and each consecutive spin, up to the last one in this prize round. To “squeeze” as more as possible out of the Hotline bonus round and the main game of this slot, you need to activate 3 lines. If you select only 1 or 2, you might not be able to get as much in the bonus round, which will not allow you to get the big winnings. If you activate only one line: in this case, the Wild symbol will expand only if it falls on the active payline – all other symbols will not expand.

In terms of bonus additions, Hotline slot is unique in that it offers both a frequent re-spins bonus and a less frequent free spins bonus. As mentioned earlier, the game has medium volatility, and that makes a difference: re-spins get triggered about every 2-3 spins, and to get 7 free spins, on average, you need to make 15-20 spins. You can count on a perfect balance between the number of bets and your monetary progress!

How to play Hotline?

  1. Choosing a casino. First and foremost, you need to choose the right website where you can play the licensed version of Hotline slot machine. To do this, use our list of the best reputable online casinos with an impeccable reputation that offers the most favorable conditions for the game. A reliable casino is a key to successful gaming. Make sure the casino is licensed and up to date with the terms and conditions, then proceed to registration and depositing. From our reviews, you can find out all the necessary information about the online casinos in the list: games, bonuses, licenses, etc. Also, when choosing an online casino, make sure to check that the casino offers games from NetEnt – and particularly Hotline.
  2. Top up your account. Once the casino is selected and an account is created, you can proceed to the next step – deposit. It is important to allocate the right budget to play the Hotline slot machine. It should be an amount of money for leisure use: remember to play responsibly. For example, up to 10% of your salary. Refill your account using the most convenient payment method. As a rule, the funds are credited to the account immediately and without any fees. If you want to increase your chances, you can take advantage of the introductory reward – usually, it is 200% extra or more for the first deposit.
  3. Launching the game. After topping up your game balance, you can move on to launching the Hotline slot. After that, you will see an optional introductory video; you may dive into a story or simply skip it. Immediately after starting the slot machine, you need to decide on the bet amounts you will use: small, medium or large. A wider range will allow you to choose the number of spins that will suit any task and any budget. Click on the coin icon and select your preferred bet amount. If you want to lower the minimum bet even further, then you can change the number of active rows – by default, all 3 are activated. Click on the button to the right of the PLAY button to make spins faster. On the left side, there is a button that you can use to put the Hotline game “on autopilot”.
  4. First spins. Start the game with the PLAY button. You can also use the keyboard’s space bar to do this, having previously enabled this function in the settings. Play, get your winnings and bonuses. Activate the full-screen mode to get even more pleasure from the process.
  5. The goal of the game. The final step is to decide what your goal is. You can play for fun or to multiply your capital – your goal determines the strategy. If you are going to play for fun, you might opt for a small bet. If your goal is to make money, then it’s better to play with big or at least medium stakes. Also, you can use a strategy invented by you personally or found on the Internet. But remember, no strategy can guarantee any result, so it is best to play for fun and only partially pursue the goal of making money!

Free mode

Like all other products of the Swedish developer NetEnt, Slot machine Hotline is equipped with a free demo mode; you can use it in all online casinos without registration. Free mode is popular among new players, who this way can get the first experience without risking real money. It is also an opportunity to test out this particular game before moving on to cash spins. Maybe you already have experience playing slots, but this is the first time you’ve heard of Hotline, and the demo mode will come in handy. If you’re interested in playing the slot only in free mode, then, for example, there’s no point in registration at the casino website as well as depositing real money, although it is in the money mode of Hotline that fully unfolds the game and gives you a real chance to win big.

The free mode is not limited in any way, nor is it any different from the real money version of the game. By “not limited in any way” we mean that you can play at any wager you prefer. Even if you are unlucky, you will be able to get your balance back to the original point simply by reloading the page. As for the differences from playing for money, there is only one difference – you won’t be able actually to win. But there is an upside to this – the lack of risk. Demo mode is an opportunity to learn the game without resorting to the method of trial and error. This mode completely copies the game for money – the same interface, functionality, the same symbols, bonuses and wins.

To play without any investment or registration, you need to choose an online casino that provides such an opportunity. Just go to the casino website, find Hotline slot in the lobby, hover over the game cover and select “Demo”. A free version of the game from the provider NetEnt will launch. If you play for virtual chips and enjoy the process, you can move on to playing for real money. Beginners can also use the Hotline demo to get familiar with the game and get the first experience. Once you are confident, you can consider playing Hotline for real money.

Mobile version of the slot machine

NetEnt is known in the gaming community as one of the most advanced slot developers. One of the reasons is the adaptation of all its games for mobile platforms. After all, in 2021 mobile phones have become a strong competitor to personal computers and tablets. Today, with a smartphone, you can perform almost any task, as well as just enjoy your free time. While others are playing games from the Play Market and App Store, you can visit Miami in the ’80s and get not only fun but also an opportunity to multiply your money.

The game is adapted for all popular mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. The same game on mobile will be different from Hotline on PC: the interface will become more compact, but the playing field, on the contrary, will move towards you, will get a little enlarged. To make the game even more comfortable, you can flip your smartphone to the horizontal position. Even despite the fact that the mobile phone screen size is much smaller than a computer, it will not affect the end result much. Moreover, unlike a computer, you can take a smartphone with you literally anywhere, including the walks and rides in public transport. Even playing at home on a smartphone can be more convenient due to the size of the device.

To play the mobile version of Hotline, you just need to launch Chrome, Safari or any other browser, go to the official website of the online casino, then log in to your personal account or register if you haven’t yet. After logging in, you will be able to run the slot machine immediately and start playing in demo mode or for real money. You will find no less glamorous design in the mobile version, no less bright colors and no less dynamic music!

Main advantages of the game

  • Theme and Implementation. Simply put, Hotline is a game created with a sense of style. Everything in it is perfect: the combination of colors, animation and effects, music. Thanks to it, NetEnt managed to convey the atmosphere of Miami in the 1980s. Also, what is interesting is the theme itself – robbers of jewelry stores. The game will appeal to fans of disco-style, sports cars, jewelry and not only!
  • Returns and Volatility. Average volatility and RTP rate above 96% are a theoretical guarantee that the slot is profitable. Average volatility indicates a perfect balance between the number of bets and the number of wins reaching your balance.
  • Provider. NetEnt is a well-known company from Sweden that was founded more than 27 years ago. Today, it is a leading studio that operates under several official licenses and has many awards. There is not a single reason to doubt the quality of the games from Net Entertainment.
  • Bonuses. A bonus round with replacing and expanding symbols is one of the advantages of this slot machine. You can customize the lines that the replacement symbol can expand on. To say the least, it’s quite unusual. More common but no less rewarding is the free spins round; during this round, the expanding replacement symbols will remain in that position until the end of the bonus game, increasing the chance for much bigger winnings.
  • Easy navigation. To play Hotline with confidence, you only need to learn a few functions: launching the game, change the betting amount and, if necessary, something else. Use the space bar, activate the fast spins feature, or turn on the autoplay mode to make the Hotline slot “spin” faster or without any input from you at all. Convenience is its second name!
  • A wide range of bets. Both beginners and pro users can play Hotline with equal chances for success. Bets start at $0.15 and end at $450. It is up to you to choose the amount you want to use. Especially, new players can leave only one payline enabled to place the minimum bet. The minimum bet with 3 paylines is $0.45 and with 1 payline is just $0.15. Do not confuse lines and paylines: the lines of symbols are always there; the number of paylines, however, depends on your choice in settings. The number of lines in the Hotline can not change. Lines are a feature of this particular slot.

Start playing Hotline right now for a good time and a guaranteed return of over 96%. Make sure to try it if you feel for the retro theme, disco style, and Miami in the 80s! This is a 2018 – 2019 slot that looks great even in 2021. It has no record multipliers but can offer the original storyline, reminiscent of the retro series with a romantic gangster and unusual bonus additions. With each spin, you can win up to x400 of the bet amount.

Last Updated on June 22, 2021