Narcos: the hunt for Pablo Escobar in a slot from NetEnt

Narcos is a 2019 retro-styled slot machine based on the Netflix series from a popular Swedish developer NetEnt. The return to players rate is 96.23%, and the slot’s volatility is somewhere between medium and high. The game will take you back in time to the history of Colombia, where a criminal baron Pablo Escobar de facto ruled the country. In the game, you will have to start a hunt for this celebrity of the criminal world in order to get a part of his former fortune for yourself if you are lucky. If you have seen the Narcos TV series, it will be even more enjoyable. However, it is not only the plot that is remarkable in this video slot. It also deserves attention due to the bonuses: shifting replacement symbol, random replacement of symbols, the prize game, free spins, and more.

Bonuses and quality graphics are the first 2 advantages of the Narcos slot. The graphics are of very high quality: a suitable winding tune, complex characters and objects, great special effects. All of this adds up to an indescribable atmosphere where you can immerse yourself by running one of the most popular slots from the Swedish provider NetEnt. Narcos will send you to Colombia in the 70’s – a world full of danger and easy money!

You can start playing Narcos with a bet of just $0.20 – the number of lines, in this case, will be standard, namely 243 lines! The maximum bet is $400. A wide range of bets is an opportunity to test your luck for both a high roller and a beginner. Even though the game is endowed with a great plot, playing it is very simple – you just have to use the control panel, where the purpose of all the functions is pretty intuitive. Just choose a comfortable betting amount and start spinning 5 reels. Experience the spellbinding story of the past century, wrapped in gangster romance and endless amounts of cash – open the hunt for Pablo Escobar to get your Colombian bonus!

Brief description

  • Game developer: NetEnt
  • Topics: TV series, retro, crime, history
  • Number of paylines: 243
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.20
  • Maximum bet amount: $400
  • Additional features: shifting Wild symbol, random Wild symbol substitution, the prize round, free spins
  • Number of characters: 13
  • Special Symbols: Wild, Locked Up, Scatter
  • Free mode: yes
  • Mobile version: yes

Graphics and interface

Narcos slot machine by NetEnt

The game is designed in accordance with the theme. The developer wants to focus your attention on the music that perfectly complements the picture and creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. You can confidently say that NetEnt managed to convey the atmosphere of those years and the main points of the Netflix series. In the background of the game’s symbols you will see the images of the Colombian settlements. Thanks to the animation, you may notice trees swaying in the wind, dust on the road and the occasional passing plane. The effects listed above are demonstrated with sound, so be sure to turn up the volume.

In addition to the high-quality background image, enjoy the symbols, namely their style and effects in combinations. The effects are also accompanied by bonuses. For example, the “Drive-By” bonus, when a car will randomly drive past you with bullets flying from its windows. The game’s graphics deserve a score of 11 out of 10!

As for the interface, Narcos is also relatively smooth. A concise and easy-to-use interface is available to you, providing a list of the most necessary functions in a language you can understand. The interface provides a button to start the reels, select the maximum bet, autoplay, change bets, switching to the payout table. These settings available for you: Accelerated rotation and starting the game with the space button of the keyboard. To play Narcos, choose your bet by adjusting the coin value and level settings or by using the ‘Maximum Bet’ button to put $400 on the table. Press ‘Auto Play’ and select from 10 to 1,000 auto spins or when to stop the game.

If you want to experience the game better, check the payout table. There you will find out how much this or that symbol brings, how paylines are formed, what bonuses are available, etc. You can also run the slot machine in a full-screen mode to make it even more colorful and lively. To play, you need to click on the revolver shop, which is the Play button, or the space bar on the keyboard, if you have previously activated this feature in the slot settings.

Symbols and winnings

There are 13 symbols in the game, but there are also symbols associated with bonus features. 10 regular symbols only bring winnings for combinations on a line: 4 main characters, card symbols, as well as a flamingo and an airplane. The special symbols are Wild, Scatter, as well as the symbol with Pablo Escobar, and it triggers the prize game. There are 2 variations of the Wild symbol: the regular replacement symbol and the moving symbol. The regular symbol can substitute for all other symbols except for the other special symbols: Scatter and Locked Up. The second one differs from the regular Wild with its fiery animation, as well as its main feature – it takes one step to the left with each spin. We will describe this and other bonus features in more detail later, but now let’s look at the other symbols and payouts they lead to.

High-value symbols:

  • Javier Peña
  • Steve Murphy
  • Connie Murphy.
  • Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha

Medium value symbols:

  • Pink Flamingo
  • Aircraft

Low Value Characters:

  • Ace
  • King
  • Lady
  • Jack

The most profitable symbols in the Narcos slot are 2 government agents – payouts for both are similar. In the second place are 2 other characters. Average winnings come for flamingo and airplane, low winnings for card symbols. Wild symbols can also bring winnings, and they are similar to the top symbols of the Narcos slot. The car symbols (Scatter) and Pablo Escobar (Locked Up) only have the bonus feature of free spins and switching to the prize round. In both cases, you need to collect at least 3 identical symbols per spin, regardless of their location on the reels.

In order to win in the Narcos slot you need to collect at least 3 of the same symbols from the lists above on a line – this rule also applies to the Wild symbol, which in the game is represented as a special agent icon. There are 243 lines – they are located from left to right, starting from the first reel.

Narcos slot bonuses

  • Walking Wild. This is a replacement symbol that can appear both in the main game and during the free spins bonus round. Its task is to move to the right. Thus, this Wild will be on the playing field for 4 spins if the symbol appeared on the last 5 reels. In order for this symbol to keep moving, it must participate in winning combinations – otherwise, it will stop.
  • Drive-By. Periodically, your reels will be attacked by bandits, and this is for the best, as their bullets will randomly replace the regular symbols with Wild. This is beneficial in that Wild can replace all other symbols, which can contribute to the biggest payouts for you. On average, the feature is triggered every 10 spins.
  • Locked Up. The main bonus of the Narcos slot machine, where you will meet the main character of the game and the series – Pablo Escobar. Unsurprisingly, the bonus turned out to be quite intriguing. Catch 3 Colombian Barons in any position on the reels to start the prize round. The round will start with 3 Locked Up symbols in a random position on the playing field being shrouded in a chain. These symbols will get a random multiplication of x1 to x10 of your bet amount. You will have 3 spins to spare, but that is not all as the number of free spins can be resumed if another Pablo, a gold suitcase or a bomb symbol appear alongside Locked Up. The Pablo Escobar symbol will also get multiplied by up to x10, the suitcase will give you a random win and the bomb will explode and increase the winnings of the symbols that already were a part of the winning combination.
  • Free Spins. The second most beneficial bonus is Free Spins. To get 10 free spins, you need to collect at least 3 Scatter symbols on the playing field on reels 1, 3 and 5. However,, it is worth mentioning that the number of free spins can be more than 10 if the Walking Wild symbol will be on one of the reels at the end of the game – for this, you will get additional spins. You will be getting additional spins as long as there is a Walking Wild on the reels.

How to play Narcos?

  1. Choose your casino. Playing Narcos slot is very simple, but first, you need to properly approach the choice of reputable online casino where you will spend your free time. It should be a licensed casino with an excellent reputation and timely withdrawals processing. But where to find such a casino, considering a lot of cheating around? Just take a look at our online casino rankings! This way, you can be sure to find a perfect place to play this slot game at. Once you’ve found the right casino, you’ll be able to sign up and get an account, and this should only take you about 1 minute. Make sure that the chosen online casino offers NetEnt slots and particularly the Narcos game beforehand.
  2. Fund your account. Once registration is complete, you will be able to make your first deposit of any convenient amount. As a rule, the minimum deposit amount is $20. Top up your balance with the available amount of money, then move on to the next step, but take your time – check if you need the bonus. Usually, the welcome offer includes 200% extra for the first deposit amount. For example, if you deposit $100, you’ll have $300 on your balance that you can use to play Narcos. You will also be able to withdraw the money you win with the bonus if you meet the wagering requirements.
  3. Start the slot. Have you already registered and funded your account to play for money? Then you can move on to the next step – start the game. Head over to the casino lobby and find the Narcos slot machine. Launch it and wait for it to load. Once the game is up and running, you’ll be able to make your first spin, but take your time and choose the stakes you’ll be using.
  4. Select a rate. When making your bets, you need to determine the amount of each bet based on your budget. If it is, for example, $100,000, you can play for even $400 at once, but if it is a modest total amount, it is advisable to increase the number of attempts, thus stretching the fun of playing Narcos. To adjust the amount, change the parameters “coin value” and “level”. The higher these parameters, the higher your stake. You will be able to see the bet both in coins and in your currency.
  5. Start the game. To place the first bet, use the button in the shape of a revolver. Press on it to make the reels start spinning. Press this button twice to make the spins even faster. Also, you can select the fast spins function in the settings, and if you want – activate the feature to start the spins with the space button of the keyboard. If after the first one you did not win anything, just keep betting – the more bets, the greater the chance of winning or getting a bonus. After making around 20-30 spins, you will be much closer to getting 10 free spins or a prize game that can last until all 15 symbols are on the reels.

Free mode

Narcos slot machine from NetEnt has a free version; you can use it to practice, get a first experience of the game or just spend your free time without risk. Not everyone likes to play without risk because it loses meaning, but some people may prefer such an opportunity, especially in the beginning. As a rule, the demo mode is popular among new players who, due to inexperience, are still afraid to play for real money. Narcos in demo mode is your chance to get experience playing the game without any risks.

Demo mode is completely identical to the standard mode. The only difference is that you cannot win real money and get the winnings to your card or e-wallet, but this way, there is also no chance to lose, and it is a great advantage for some. The interface and functionality of the demo mode do not differ from those in the full version of the slot machine. In the free version, you will be able to get the usual winnings on the lines, as well as take advantage of the bonus additions.

To play this slot in demo mode, you need to go to the official website of a reliable online casino. As a rule, you do not need to register, although this rule does not apply in all cases. You just need to launch the game; after that, you will get a virtual balance that you can fully devote to the game. If your balance runs out, you will be able to refresh the game page and restore it to continue playing. If you get bored of playing for free, you can always start playing for real money using the instructions above.

Mobile version of the game

Narcos slot is adapted for both desktop and mobile so that you can play from your smartphone anywhere. By adaptation, we mean that the game on mobile will be no less interesting and convenient than on PC. Less important details are relegated to the background, more important ones to the foreground. Thus, the focus of your attention will be the reels, and if necessary, you can use other functions too. To activate the full-screen mode, you just need to flip the device to the horizontal position.

The mobile version of the Narcos slot machine is great news for every gambling enthusiast who doesn’t have a clear schedule and can’t spend much time at home in front of a computer or laptop. If you feel like playing Narcos when you’re not at home, you will be able to do so by simply pulling out your smartphone. Next, you’ll need to go to your browser, and from there, go to the official website of a reliable quality online casino. You can also check our rankings, where you will find reliable casinos that also have an interface adapted for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The mobile version of the game is completely the same as the desktop version: interface, all functions, design, effects. A powerful smartphone is not required for playing Narcos comfortably. Even a budget device will do. Play anytime and anywhere: at home, during a walk, in nature, during a trip, in a cafe etc. Even in the most unusual conditions, you can enjoy the Colombian atmosphere of the slot machine, based on the popular series from Netflix.

The main advantages of Narcos

  • Idea and implementation. NetEnt managed to perfectly convey the atmosphere of the criminal Colombia of the 1970s. Effects, character style, animation, colors – every detail of the game is worth your attention. Provider took a complex idea and completely succeeded with its implementation! Even if you haven’t watched the series, the slot will also get you acquainted with the atmosphere of that time in a general way.
  • Bonuses. The 4 bonus add-ons are the ones that will make your game consistently profitable. There are 2 random bonuses and 2 prize games. The high payout rate (RTP) of more than 96% confirms that the game is equipped with a large number of bonuses, and you do not have to wait long to get them.
  • Easy navigation. You do not need any gambling experience at all to play this slot. Even a beginner will cope with the Narcos – one of the most simple and clear interface. There are only a few functions, and the purpose of all of them is obvious: starting the game, changing the bet amount, the maximum bet, automatic play, payout table.
  • A wide range of bets. You can play Narcos for as little as $0.20-2.00 if your budget doesn’t allow you to choose a higher bet. You can also choose the average value for the bet, approximately $10-60 or set the maximum amount of $400. The higher the bet, the higher the potential winnings.
  • Music. The music in Narcos deserves some special attention in the list of Narcos advantages. You can compare – first play with music, then try without it. You will definitely feel that the game without music becomes very drab and uninteresting. Narcos with music, on the other hand, is a great and positive experience!

Narcos is one of the most unusual slot machines in history. NetEnt studio tried very hard. As the company’s art director said, “Trying to build a game around such series is quite difficult”, but the result is very satisfying.

Today, the slot is on the list of the most popular, and it is clear why: the original idea, modern pictures, immersive melody, solid winnings, clear controls. All this makes the slot perfect. The payout level could let you down, but even here, Narcos did not compromise – more than 96% RTP rate – is guaranteed to get back to the player.

Make sure to check the world-famous crime story about Colombian criminal Pablo Escobar, who even in 2021 is very famous and in some ways even genius. Try playing Narcos and find Pablo Escobar to get big winnings and cheer yourself up. To that end, we’ve got plenty of licensed online casinos for you that are time-tested. Good luck, amigos!

Last Updated on June 22, 2021