Starburst: classic space slot from NetEnt

Starburst is a classic slot machine, only that instead of fruit here you will find a space adventure with gems, and instead of outdated graphics – pictures with a modern design and engaging animation. The game was developed by the famous Scandinavian studio NetEnt, which you may know for its other works: Gonzo’s Quest, Dead or Alive and DOA 2, Narcos, Jack Hammer, Hotline, etc. The space slot machine was released in 2012. It received low volatility, which means small but frequent payouts. Return to players rate is 96.09%, which is higher than the average of 95%.

The game is designed around the space theme, as suggested by the animated background and the appropriate melody that will completely immerse you into the plot. Instead of planets, asteroids, stars, and other space attributes, jewels have been chosen as symbols that in other games are usually represented in the form of different fruit. Unusually, but the game has a re-spin feature that is triggered by a replacement symbol – by collecting the maximum of 3 replacement symbols, you will have a chance to win big thanks to a large number of other identical symbols.

Among the other features of Starburst: a wide betting range from $ 0.10 to $ 100, adaptation for mobile platforms, a list of various game settings, simple and easy to navigate interface, the fast access to the payout table. This slot machine is recommended to the players whose priority is simplicity and stability. Simplicity is guaranteed by the classic story plus intuitive interface and stability – by low volatility and high returns. Starburst is among the most popular slots from Swedish developer Net Entertainment!

Brief description

  • Game developer: NetEnt
  • Themes: space, jewellery, classic
  • Number of paylines: 10
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.10
  • Maximum bet amount: $100
  • Additional functions: re-spins
  • Number of characters: 8
  • Special symbols: Starburst Wild (replacement and re-spin)
  • Free mode: yes
  • Mobile version: yes

Design and interface

Starburst slot machine by NetEnt

Let’s start with the background image – it is the open space with animated objects. The background is blue and purple, which is well associated with the space theme and being unobtrusive and at the same time colorful and just nice. On top of the background, there are the symbols that are also endowed with space animation – more animation awaits you during the betting process; it will definitely make you happy and cheer you up. You will see the lines to the left and right of the 5 reels – hover over them to familiarize yourself with the location of the symbols that you will use to win.

To control the game, you need to use the bottom panel designed in bright green color. The main function of this panel is to start the spins with the PLAY button in the middle. In order to speed up the game, you can press this button twice or activate the “Fast Spin” feature in the settings. There you can also activate the ‘Start with Space Key’ setting so that you can use the space bar on your keyboard to start the reels. If you press the “Auto Play” button, you can select the number of spins that will run without your involvement, and if you wish, you can also go to check the advanced settings. There is a “Maximum Bet” button for high rollers that will increase a bet amount to $100. If you need to select a different bet amount, you can adjust these settings in the control panel as well.

It’s impossible not to notice the musical accompaniment in perfect harmony with the space theme – a moderately calm melody that complements the overall picture. However, if desired, it can be turned off by clicking on the icon next to the settings. To go to the payout table, you need to press the green help button on the panel – in the window that opens you will be able to read about the bonus add-on and payouts for the symbols.

Symbols and winnings

There are 8 symbols in Starburst, 1 of them is a special symbol that has 2 functions at once. The special symbol is both a bonus and a replacement symbol. Its bonus function is to trigger a re-spin; the replacement function is the ability to replace the other 7 symbols. A colorful star represents a special symbol. The star appears on the 3 central reels and also spreads across them immediately, replacing the other symbols. In addition to this symbol, Starburst has regular symbols that you will receive cash payouts for.

Symbols in Starburst:

  • BAR
  • 7
  • Yellow stone
  • Greenstone
  • Red stone
  • BlueStone
  • Purple stone

We’ve just listed the slot machine symbols from the most profitable to the least profitable. To win with Starburst, you need to collect 3 or more of the same symbols on an active payline. You can check the number of paylines in the paytable or on the main screen of the game. Also, remember this – BAR and 7 are the well-known classic symbols, and all other symbols are gems of different colours.

Your money will be automatically converted into coins in the game – the internal currency of the slot machine. The maximum payout for one spin is 50,000 coins. Exactly in coins, you will see the final bet amount – in the “Bet” field next to the “Level” field. You will see your winnings also in coins – in the payout table (as well as winnings from the spins in the game). Immediately after winning, you will be able to see how it was formed – combinations and lines involved will be highlighted.

Bonus extras

Starburst does not have a free spins round, but it still made the list of the most popular games by the software provider NetEnt. What is the reason for its success? The fact that the slot machine features an unusual feature in the form of re-spins, and there can be up to 3 of them. To get re-spin or 1 free rotation, a special symbol that is a colorful star must appear on 2, 3 or 4 reel – the Starburst Wild. Other symbols on the reel, where the special symbol has appeared, will also get substituted with Starburst Wilds. Immediately after that, a free spin will start. If one of the other two reels has the same symbol, there will be another re-spin, and after that, there may be another final third spin.

Thus, 3 center reels can be completely absorbed by special replacement symbols. If this happens, then for a big win, the same symbols must appear on the side reels (1 and 5) – this way you will get a decent large sum of money for getting 5 reels of the same symbols. The BAR symbols are the last ones you need to hit the jackpot after 3 subsequent spins and will lead to a maximum payout of 250 coins. The advantage of this bonus over free spins is its frequency, while free spins can be a long wait. In order to get a re-spin in Starburst, you only need to catch a special symbol on any central reel. It is also not uncommon when 2 or even 3 of these symbols fall out at once, and then you can immediately get a chance for the jackpot. The average frequency of the special symbol is 1 per every 2-3 rotations.

How to play Starburst?

  1. Choose a casino. Before you start the game, choose the right bet amount and make your first spin, you need to choose a casino where you will be playing. If you choose a not very reliable online website, even the luckiest day will not bring you the desired results. The first step on the way to a successful game is to choose the right casino. It should operate under an official license and also have an impeccable reputation. It will be an advantage if this casino offers you good bonuses and the support of a large number of payment systems and fast withdrawals. You can find a rating of the best online casinos on our website where you can play with the most favorable conditions. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the online casino you choose features the provider NetEnt, as well as its Starburst slot.
  2. Make a deposit and run the game. Once the casino is selected, you can move on to the next step – deposit to your game balance and run the slot. Replenish your account with a convenient amount of money, then start the slot machine. After that, set the preferred amount for spins – from $0.10 to $100. A wide betting range is a great solution for beginners and experienced players; thanks to it, playing Starburst is suitable for both high rollers and new players. Once the bet is selected, you can make your first spin with the green PLAY button in the middle or with the space bar on the keyboard, having previously activated this feature in the settings.
  3. Game strategy. How to play Starburst to win? To do this, you need to develop your own game strategy! You can start with your deposit – the higher it is, the higher your bets can be. The lower your budget, the smaller your stake should be, so you can get more attempts. If your deposit amount is average, then you can also choose an average betting amount of around $30-60. If you like to risk and agree with “who does not risk, does not drink champagne”, then you can reduce the number of attempts and increase the bet amount so that you have, for example, 10-30 spins with larger stakes. This way, you will not be stomping in one place but quickly find out if you are lucky or not.
  4. Your goal. If your goal is not making (more) money, but to relax in a cosmic atmosphere, then you can choose a smaller betting amount and start the game, aiming more at having some fun rather than winnings. Payouts, in this case, will be a pleasant addition, given the minimum volatility and a high percentage of RTP. If you don’t yet know what your goal is, you can still register with one of the licensed quality online casinos, instantly deposit to your account without any fees, launch Starburst and start spinning the reels. In the process of playing, you will understand what is more interesting and important for you.

Free play mode

If you are not ready to play for real money but still want to try out the Starburst Space slot, in this case, you should maybe try the demo mode. This is a free version of the game that fully preserves the functionality and interface of the game for real money. 90% of casinos offer their visitors to play in demo mode without registration in the menu of slot machines, including Starburst from NetEnt. Usually, you have to just hover your cursor over the game preview and select “Demo” to start the game. After that, the slot will start, and you will get a virtual balance for the free game. You can play it indefinitely because you can simply reload the page and get the balance again in full once you run out of it. Free play mode is an opportunity to get the first experience, to test your strategy, and to play a game that is new to you. Before you start playing for money, you can practice in demo mode so that you don’t risk any real money. In demo mode, you will also be able to see whether the game is interesting to you and how profitable and convenient it is. Starburst is an easy-to-play and fairly lucrative slot, but you can still play it for free, and without registration, so you can evaluate its benefits with a virtual currency and thus get to know it better without taking any risks. For example, in the demo mode, you can find out how often re-spins happen or how much the RTP of 96.09% corresponds to reality. In other words, in free mode, you can check everything in personal experience.

The free version of the Starburst slot will help you gain experience, as well as answer the question – how interesting is this game to me? If this slot matches your preferences, you can choose an online casino, get registered in it and start the real game. The good thing about playing for money is that you really can win big, not only in the demo mode where even the jackpot is just virtual. If you want to experience all the delights of Starburst Space Slot, you should definitely play it in cash mode. Only the game for real money can truly reveal the reason why millions of users spin the reels in games from NetEnt and other leading developers.

Mobile version of the slot machine

Mobile devices will completely replace personal computers in the late 2021s (except for some tasks that require high power, such as developing new games, editing, etc). If you want to play the Starburst slot machine, you can safely pick up your smartphone, go to the casino website through your browser, log in and run the game. NetEnt has adapted the Starburst slot for all mobile platforms, including the popular Android and iOS. You might think that due to the small screen size, the slot on mobile will not bring you as much fun as playing on a computer. However, you haven’t considered the fact that the mobile slot has a user-friendly interface – all unnecessary details will become invisible, and the device can be flipped to make the game look bigger.

The mobile version is worth looking into for those people who can’t afford to spend much time at home. Also, the mobile Starburst slot is the choice for those who prefer a smartphone to a computer. Playing on a smartphone can be more convenient even at home – at least because it’s more compact, which means you can do more with it. If we’re talking about playing outside the home, a smartphone is the only comfortable option. To play Starburst in a cafe, on a walk, on a trip or on public transport, you just have to take your smartphone, go to your browser, go to the online casino website, log in to your personal account and run the slot. The mobile version is completely identical to the desktop version: interface, bonuses, betting range, music, etc. Be sure to try playing from your mobile – if you like it, you can play absolutely anytime and absolutely anywhere, having only a mobile phone at hand!

Main advantages of the game

  • Plot. While the game is dedicated to the space theme, it includes classic slot symbols like BAR, 7 and jewels. This leads us to the conclusion that Starburst has a universal theme with familiar symbols and high-quality graphics. Among other things, the space theme itself is very fascinating and interesting.
  • Bonuses. There’s no free spins round in the game, but even that can be seen as an advantage, as frees pins are the most common bonus. Less common, and therefore more original, is the re-spins that await you in Starburst. Each time the multi-colored symbol appears, the game will automatically make a free spin for you. If another such symbol comes up, another re-spin will be made. In total, there can be 3 re-spins. And best of all, the symbols responsible for the re-spins are substitute symbols, so you can count on large winnings in total.
  • Payouts. Volatility and RTP rate – a theoretical guarantee of good game results. Low volatility and high payout rate, in theory, create an ideal combination; thanks to it, you will have a good gaming session. You can get back at least 96.09% in the long run, and this is taking into account the low volatility, which implies frequent winnings.
  • Mobile adaptation. Mobile adaptation is an important feature, especially in 2021, when smartphones almost completely replace computers in everyday life. Playing Starburst from your smartphone is easy! Just go to the mobile version of the casino, log in and start the game. Adaptation implies that the slot machine will be convenient, even despite the small screen of your phone.
  • Simplicity and convenience. Simplicity and convenience are responsible for the interface in your usual language, which is nothing supernatural. Several functions with an intuitive purpose are available to you: spin start, bet amount, automatic game. Even if the game initially seems complicated, after 5 minutes, you will understand how it works.
  • A wide range of bets. You can play with $0.10 per bet or even $100, depending on your financial situation. Also, the wide betting range will allow you to choose the spin amount that suits your purpose perfectly. If you are playing for fun, there is no point in playing big. If your goal is to get the most out of your bankroll, you may also choose to play for high stakes.

The game Starburst is over 8 years old, but it continues to be one of the most popular among the products of the NetEnt and other developers! It has everything you need for a quality gaming session, and at the same time, there is nothing unnecessary. Its uniqueness lies in the unusual plot and equally unusual bonuses and re-spins.

Feel all the delights of the slot machine for yourself right now. You don’t have to run the drums and collect payments manually – you can activate the automatic mode, selecting from 10 to 1,000 spins and, if necessary, additional parameters – when you want to stop the game.

Starburst is one of the slots that made NetEnt studio famous. You are missing a lot if you still have not tried this slot machine. Fortunately, you can easily fix that. To do this, just choose one of the reliable online casinos, register with it, make a first deposit of any comfortable amount, or run a Starburst demo. 

Last Updated on June 22, 2021