Ice Picks: a winter-themed slot machine from Realtime Gaming (RTG)

Ice Picks is a winter-themed slot machine from developer Realtime Gaming. Realtime Gaming promises an RTP rate of 95.07%, which is pretty high. The main feature of the Ice Picks slot is not just one but 2 bonus rounds at once: up to 30 free spins and an ice-breaking bonus game. Another reward in the game includes a Wild symbol, and not just any wild symbol, but with a standard x4 multiplier!

In addition to good payouts, Ice Picks is famous for its design; it will appeal to all fans of the snow and winter themes. The players have to visit an ice cave, where 5 reels with special symbols are waiting for you: goggles, boots, helmets and more. Some of the symbols are locked inside ice cubes. The ice will break in the free spins bonus round if the symbol in question is a part of a winning combination; then other symbols will replace it, increasing the chances of big winnings.

Ice Picks features 20 paylines. Players have a wide betting range from $0.01 to $50; this allows both the experienced players and the beginners to experience the icy landscapes from RTG. The atmosphere in the slot machine is the main reason why players return to Ice Picks again and again. The background image, animated effects and matching melody will help you enjoy not only the mouth-watering payouts but also the wonderful gameplay.

Ice Picks slot machine in brief

  • Game developer: Realtime Gaming
  • Theme: snowboards and snow
  • Number of paylines: 20
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.01
  • Maximum bet amount: $50
  • Additional features: free spins and a bonus game
  • Number of characters: 12
  • Special symbols: Wild, Free Spins, Bonus
  • Free mode: available
  • Mobile version: available

Ice Picks game design and interface

Ice Picks slots game

The game events take place in a cave covered in ice and snow. The focus of the player’s attention is the playing field, with 5 reels and 3 symbols on each of them. To win, you must get at least 3 of the same symbol in a line. The only exemption is treasure boxes: a minimum of 2 symbols is sufficient. When you bet, the symbols will start to gradually appear on the reels and this process will be accompanied by high- 

quality animation. However, some might not want to waste time waiting for reels to stop; in this case you just need to change the spin speed in the Settings section or you can also just press the start button 2 times for fast spins. The magic-inspired music perfectly complements the overall picture and makes the gaming session truly mesmerising.

Ice Picks slot looks especially nice in full-screen mode. Equally good and well thought out is the game interface; even a beginner trying the slot games for the first time will be able to handle it. To play Ice Picks, you need only one thing – to press the start button, located in the middle of the screen. By double-tapping, you will speed up the process considerably. You will find additional options such as automatic play and maximum bet next to the start button. The automatic game mode is an opportunity for you to relax while the slot brings winnings. Users can activate 3, 25, 50 or 100 automatic bets at a time. The maximum bet button will set $50 as the bet.

To adjust the betting amount, you need to change “Value”, “Coins” and “Lines” parameters, although changing the latter one is not recommended, as in this case the number of paylines will decrease, which will reduce your chances, even if you will be very very lucky. Additional features of the Ice Picks slot machine include a live chat with customer support as well as “Settings”, “Payout Table” and “Help”. In “Settings” you can adjust the sounds and speed of the symbols appearing on the reels. Under “Payout Table” the players can read the official information from the developer RTG. More information can be found in the “Help” section by clicking on the question mark.

Ice Picks symbols and winnings

Software developer Realtime Gaming offers 12 symbols, including several special symbols (such as the Wild) and 2 bonus symbols: for free spins and to trigger the bonus game. The wild symbol is in the shape of a box with purple lettering. This symbol always appears in the game with a multiplier of x4. The Wild symbol performs the function of replacing other symbols if they are not enough to win. The first bonus symbol that gives out free spins is a video camera that can be used to get up to 30 free spins at a time. Another bonus symbol is the card. To activate one of these bonuses, at least 3 of these symbols must appear on the playing field in any location.

In addition to the 3 special symbols, Ice Picks has standard symbols, although they can be divided into 2 groups: regular and ice symbols. Ice symbols give you an advantage in the free spins bonus game as well as in the regular game, as they have the highest multipliers. The other symbols include snowboarder’s attributes that lead to medium winnings and have no special features.

The full list of Ice Picks symbols (in descending order from the most to least profitable) is as follows:

  • The treasure box
  • Statue
  • Ring
  • Skull
  • Hammer
  • Glasses
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Pickaxe
  • Box
  • Video camera
  • Map

The last 3 symbols on the list are special symbols; they do not bring standard winnings. The highest paying symbol in the game is the treasure box. It will work even if just 2 of these symbols appeared on a payline. The lowest paying symbol is the Pick. To modify the position of the paylines in Ice Picks, simply change the ‘Lines’ parameter, or return them to the original position.

Ice Picks slot bonuses

Here’s an overview of the Ice Picks slot machine bonuses – its most interesting part. There are several bonus additions in the game; each of them has a significant impact on the user’s progress.

  • Free spins. This is the most common bonus for all players, although it’s unclear if it is also the most favorite one, as Ice Picks offers another equally interesting and lucrative (second) bonus (will be discussed later in the article). The video camera symbol is responsible for getting you some free spins in Ice Picks. To enter the bonus round, you must get at least 3 of these symbols in any location on the reels; for that, you will receive 7 free spins. However, if you get 4 symbols, in this case, the bonus will be 15 free spins. The top bonus of 30 free spins will be awarded if you get 5 video cameras in a single spin.
  • Bonus game. The game’s core is that the players need to use mouse-clicks or tap on the sensor screen to break the ice cubes. The point is that the number of card symbols will determine how many extra privileges the player gets. A minimum of 3 symbols is required to start the bonus game. In addition to these symbols, the player will receive 1 point for each ice break. 4 extra points will be awarded for 4 symbols. For 5 card symbols, the player will get as many as 50 points, and it will greatly increase the final winnings.
  • Replacement symbol. This symbol, a box, is notable in that it always gives x4 multiplication in the game. This means that your winnings will be increased by 4 times! The important thing is that this symbol must be a part of a winning combination. Its standard function is to be a substitute for symbols that are missing to win. For example, if there are 2 statues on a line and a substitute symbol is next to them the player will get a payout, even though there are only 2 statues.

The ice Picks slot machine is popular with gamblers from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, features 3 bonus add-ons at once, making it much easier to win.

How do I play Ice Picks?

One of the great things about the Ice Picks slot machine is its simplicity and predictability. The user does not need to have any knowledge or experience to start playing. All you have to do is read through this review to the end. Even leaving the review aside, Ice Picks is still very easy to understand the game that even a beginner looking for a dose of excitement will be able to handle. The first thing to do is to make sure that the correct bet amount is selected to start the game. If you are a high roller and decided to run the Ice Picks slot game, just press the “Max Bet” button. Other players will need to change the bet amount using the parameters in the Settings menu.

If the correct bet amount has been selected, you can start playing. To start the first spin in Ice Picks, press the round trigger button in the middle of the screen. To make the gameplay automatic, press ‘Auto’, then select between 3 and 100 spins.

In order for the Ice Picks slot machine to fully comply with the information in this review, you need to play at a reliable reputable online casino. Fortunately, this is also very easy if you choose one of the legitimate online casinos featured on this portal. Each of the casinos has plenty of advantages. For example, there is a bonus for new players that is 200% on average. Thus, if you choose one of these quality online casinos, you will be able to deposit a certain amount but get much more and therefore will play several times more profitable. Also, another advantage of the online casinos in our rating is that they are all legal. This means that there are no problems with payments to their customers.

Can I play Ice Picks for free?

Ice Picks slot machine is equipped with a free play mode, so anyone can start the game without investing. This option may appeal to beginners who do not yet have experience in the real game. The free version of the Ice Picks slot will allow you to get the first experience and feel confident later on when playing for real money. If you consider playing in the free mode on a permanent basis, there is a high probability that soon you will simply get bored with it. After all, all winnings will not be real. The free slot version is recommended only for beginners and only at the initial stage to get a taste of it.

To play Ice Picks for free, you need to choose a suitable online casino from those presented on this portal and then register with it. Before completing the registration form, you will need to select ‘Play For Fun’, which means a free game mode. Once the registration is complete, you will get $1,000 to play Ice Picks with. At any time, you switch to the cash mode. To do so, all you need to do is to top up your account with real money. Typically, the minimum deposit amount is $25. Given the generous bonuses that all casinos offer, the final amount you will get will be much higher. Consequently, the chances of winning will also increase.

Using the free mode of the Ice Picks slot machine, a beginner can learn the basics. You will also be able to understand whether or not the slot machines in general and Ice Picks in particular are interesting to you. Using the demo mode, you will understand what free spins, wild symbol, multiplier, etc. are all about. The free game is a great start, which will provide the player with all the necessary knowledge on how to have a good time later in the game for real money.

Ice Picks slot for mobile

The Ice Picks slot machine optimisation for all platforms allows players to have fun in the snowy atmosphere using either a home computer or mobile device from anywhere. This will be good news for anyone whose life has an unpredictable nature.

To play Ice Picks from your smartphone or tablet, just launch your browser, go to the web version of the quality online casino and log in to your personal account. After that, all that remains is to run the game, which will automatically adapt the interface to your device and screen size. The operating system and its version can be Android, iOS or any other like for example Windows Phone.

Ice Picks mobile slot machine is the king in the world of portable entertainment that can also bring in some real money. The functionality of the mobile version will fully match that of the full version, while the interface will be slightly different. To be more precise, the interface will become more compact so that the playing field occupies the main space.

Despite the small screens of mobile devices, this won’t stop the player from having fun and some big wins. Software developer Realtime Gaming has made sure to adapt the Ice Picks slot to all mobile devices as much as possible, so players can have fun even outside the home. You can play Ice Picks while out for a walk, over lunch, when waiting for something or while travelling.

The main benefits of the Ice Picks slot

A great design and a wonderful atmosphere. Ice Picks is worth playing, at the very least, because it is a very well designed slot with a great atmosphere. The gameplay will immerse the user in a snowy cave full of unpredictable things. At any moment, the word “Big Win” can make the player much happier and not only that – literally “Big Win” will follow. The atmosphere probably wouldn’t be as mesmerising if it wasn’t for the cleverly chosen magical music accompaniment.

  • Generous bonuses. Not every slot machine offers as many as 30 free spins for 5 bonus symbols. That’s honestly a lot! Ice Picks is an exception. Even if you collect 4 symbols instead of 5, you will get 15 free spins. 7 spins are awarded for 3 bonus symbols on the reels. In addition to the free spins round, there is a bonus game where you have to break the ice. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a big win behind the ice. Another nice feature is the x4 multiplier for the wild symbol if it is a part of the winning combination.
  • Everything is intuitive. You don’t have to be an experienced player to try Ice Picks and to have fun. Especially after you read this review in full. To start playing, just register at the casino, make a deposit, set the optimal bet amount, and press the round button. It is this button that you will use to place the bets with, but the process can also be completely automated if you select the “Auto” mode, which allows you to activate from 3 to 100 spins on the machine.

Ice Picks is a good choice for players who just love the theme of winter and winter sports. Even if this is not the case, perhaps after Ice Picks you will change your mind. Return to player rate of over 95% guarantees big winnings and minimal losses. Payouts of x50 and x100 for Ice Picks are quite common.

One review isn’t enough to understand all the charms of the Ice Picks slot machine. Everyone can register right now to play this game right now! Simply top up your balance with a comfortable amount of money and go on an incredible journey, shrouded in snow and ice!

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