Mystic Wolf: the popular slot machine from RTG

Mystic Wolf is one of the most popular slots from the developer Realtime Gaming. The game is designed around the theme of… yes, you guessed it right – the wolves. The night scenery in the background and a light melody will immerse you in the wonderful atmosphere of wildlife. The provider promises players a return rate (RTP) of around 94.90%. High payout is another feature of the Mystic Wolf slot machine as it has a wild symbol with a standard x5 multiplier, x10 multiplier in the bonus round as well as a free spins round.

While other gaming providers offer 15 free spins, Realtime Gaming’s Mystic Wolf offers a bonus of up to 50 free spins. On top of everything else, Mystic Wolf features the possibility of hitting the jackpot with more frequent and larger jackpots in the free spins bonus game. In a slot machine Mystic Wolf the user has as many as 50 match variations, which will be paid. The playing field is presented in a standard 5×3 format, that is, 5 reels with 3 symbols on each of them. The Mystic Wolf slot interface is simple and predictable, so you can try your luck as a pro, as well as a beginner with no experience.

To play, all you have to do is press the start button at all times. To make gameplay even easier, the player can activate automatic play for up to 100 spins without his involvement. Why play Mystic Wolf? First of all, this slot deserves attention because of its atmosphere: starry sky, night landscape, calm music. All of this communicates well the loneliness of the wolves. The wide betting range is great news for players of all categories, as you can play for $0.01 or $125.

Brief description of Mystic Wolf

  • Gaming manufacturer: Realtime Gaming
  • Theme: Wildlife animals
  • Number of paylines: 50
  • Number of reels: 5
  • Minimum bet amount: $0.01
  • Maximum bet amount: $125
  • Additional features: free spins, multiplier wild symbol, jackpot
  • Number of characters: 13
  • Special symbols: Wild, Scatter
  • Free mode: available
  • Mobile version: available

The design and interface of Mystic Wolf

Perhaps the main feature Mystic Wolf slot machine from Realtime Gaming is its design. Night sky with animated stars alone is a real eye-catcher. There are also a pond and a wood in the background that complement the overall picture very well. You will also find two wild wolves in the background of the landscape. Between the wolves there is a moon that these animals are used to howling at. Every fan of nature will definitely appreciate the game! The background music deserves special attention, as it perfectly complements an already fantastic atmosphere.

The full-screen mode, which is automatically activated when you start the game, will help you feel the Mystic Wolf game really well. The playing space also includes the slot machine logo and the reels – its main component. Each symbol on the reels is designed in the same style. The interface of the Mystic Wolf slot machine will please even those players who always seek simple solutions. The main active function in the game is a round button that starts the reels. Next to this function, you can find other features such as auto play mode and the maximum bet amount. There you will also see the current status of your account, as well as if you are playing for real money – the online casino funds withdrawal button.

The wager in Mystic Wolf can be adjusted by several parameters at once, which is very convenient. In addition to the standard betting features, you can also modify the number of pay lines – choose from 1 to 50 to reduce or increase the bet amount. On the left side of the screen you can also find a button that will take you to the “Payout Table” section where you can read the official description of the Mystic Wolf slot machine from the RTG. There you will have the following options: start chat, settings, sound on and off, help.

Symbols and rewards in the Mystic Wolf slot machine

There are a total of 13 symbols in Mystic Wolf from Realtime Gaming, and this unlucky number won’t affect the outcome in any way. The return to player (RTP) rate of almost 95% speaks for itself. In order to win in Mystic Wolf, you need to collect just 2 of the same symbols per line (if it is a Wild symbol or a Gem). For all other symbols – you will need at least 3 of them per payline, and there are 50 paylines in the game. You can check the position of the paylines in the paytable section directly in the game.

The Mystic Wolf slot machine symbols can be divided into 3 groups: thematic symbols, special symbols and card symbols. The thematic symbols are those that can bring you high winnings and are designed around the wolf theme. Special symbols include Wild and Scatter. The Wild symbol is a jumping wolf with a multiplier of x5 or x10. Scatter symbol is a feather. The card symbols are A, K, Q, J, 10, 9. The card symbols bring players medium winnings and have no special features.

The full list of characters in Mystic Wolf slot by winnings in descending order looks like this:

  • Wild symbol with jumping wolf and multiplier
  • Gemstone
  • Portrait of a wolf
  • A wolf howling at the moon
  • Luna
  • Coin
  • A, K, Q, J, 10, 9
  • Bonus pen

There is no separate symbol for the jackpot, which makes getting one easier. The users simply have to try their luck to hit the jackpot and not wait for any special symbols to appear. The most lucrative symbol in the game is the Wild, and you can win with 2 of these on a line. The jewel, which is the second most profitable symbol,  has the same feature while the third most profitable one is a portrait of a wolf. The least profitable symbol in Mystic Wolf is the card with the number 9. With the feather symbol you can get a bonus of 7, 15 or 50 free spins. The jumping wolf can substitute for other symbols if any of them are missing to win. The wild symbol always appears with a multiplier of x5 of your winning combination and in the bonus round with a multiplier of x10.

Mystic Wolf slot bonuses

The main and most common bonus option in all slot machines is the free spins round. What makes the Mystic Wolf slot special is that every player from the US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia can get not only 15 spins but 50 spins at once, and the bonus round can be extended by catching additional Scatter symbols with a feather.

To get the bonus and the next 7 bets for free, all you need is to catch 3 Scatter symbols on any of the paylines. Wild symbols are particularly valuable in the bonus round, as each of them comes with a multiplier of x10 for the amount you get in a winning combination. Thus, if the Wild symbol appears in a winning combination, the entire preliminary winnings will be increased by as much as 10 times.

The number of free spins depends on the number of Scatter symbols you get:

  1. 7 free spins for 3 Scatter symbols
  2. 15 free spins for 4 Scatter symbols
  3. 50 free spins for 5 Scatter symbols

To get the maximum possible bonus in Mystic Wolf, you need to catch 5 coloured feather symbols on the reels. The great thing is that during the bonus game you can also catch these symbols and for 5 more of them you will get an extra 50 spins, which will end up being 100 free spins for the player. 

Another awesome bonus in the Mystic Wolf slot machine is the jackpot. This is a random amount of money that the luckiest players will get. As manufacturer RTG states, you need to play in the bonus round for free spins to increase your chances and jackpot amount. The bet can be any amount.

How do I play Mystic Wolf?

Playing Mystic Wolf slot is as simple as possible, even for beginners. Press on a round button in the middle of the screen to start the reels. Before that, make sure to set an optimal bet amount: from $ 0.01 to $ 125. If you want to change the bet amount, simply modify “Value”, “Coins” and “Lines” parameters.

Unless you want to use the smallest possible bet amount, it is not advisable to change the number of paylines in the game, as by reducing the number of paylines (the default setting is a maximum of 50 lines) you will also reduce your chances. The lower the number of lines, the lower the payout; it also means a lower chance of hitting the jackpot. To activate the maximum bet without having to modify the previously mentioned parameters, simply use the “Max Bet” function, which is located to the left of the start button. To play without any hassle, simply activate the “Auto” betting and select 3, 25, 50 or 100 spins at once to enjoy the game on full autopilot.

To customise the gameplay, you will have to visit the ‘Settings’ section, where you can adjust the music and sounds, as well as change the reel speed. There are 3 speed modes available: slow, standard and fast. To speed up the gameplay, simply select the last option “Fast”.

Also, to be more successful playing the Mystic Wolf slot, you need to choose the right online casino. Casino must operate under license and legally operate in the player’s country so that later there are no problems with the withdrawal process. You can find quality online casinos on the main page of this info portal or in one of the ratings created by experts. Choosing the right online casino is 70% of the player’s success. If you choose a licensed casino with an impeccable reputation, you will be confident in the honesty of each bet, because in this case the game will run on a real random number generator or RNG.

Can I play Mystic Wolf on my mobile?

You can play Mystic Wolf using a mobile device of any brand and any operating system. All of Realtime Gaming’s software is adapted for mobile devices. To play Mystic Wolf, simply launch the web version of the online casino and turn on Mystic Wolf. The game automatically adapts to your phone or tablet and its screen size, becoming more compact. Despite this, the gameplay will not be affected in any way. The interface will become more compact so that the playing field is in the foreground. In addition to smartphones, you can play Mystic Wolf from tablets and any computer. The operating system does not matter. It can be Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

The Mystic Wolf mobile slot machine is a great solution for players who are rarely at home or have an unpredictable schedule. With a mobile device with internet access at hand, you can always have a good time and try your luck for a big win or even a jackpot. The mobile version of Mystic Wolf fully retains the functionality of the slot machine. You can also change the settings, get free spins and hit the jackpot.

Free mode in Mystic Wolf slot

The Mystic Wolf slot might seem like an interesting option for players from the beginning of this review, but not everyone dares to start playing for real money right away. In such a case, the RTG provider has prepared a demo mode for particularly careful players, which does not require any investment. The only thing you need is to register at one of the casinos, for example from the list found on our website. To play for free, you don’t have to go through an identification process. It will only be required if you decide to go for the real money mode. Immediately after a quick and easy registration, which takes about 1 minute, you will find a virtual balance of $1,000 to play in a free mode of Mystic Wolf slot machine.

This amount can be stretched as you wish. You can make small bets, or you can turn on a high roller mode. Why play for free? It is up to each player to answer this question. If you have no experience, you will likely want to gain some to feel more confident when playing for real money. This is probably the only good reason to play Mystic Wolf slot for free. You can really feel all the game delights only in real money mode because it is where every gain will be real.

If you aim for big winnings or a jackpot, then the free mode is not the way to go. The advantage of the cash mode is that you can place minimum bets of $0.01. Even if you deposit the minimum amount of $25, that’s enough money for a large number of attempts (2500). Keep in mind that any spin can bring you either 50 additional free spins or a jackpot and a large sum of money. The free mode of Mystic Wolf slot can only be recommended for beginners who previously had no experience playing. However if you already have some experience you can take it to the next level and start placing real bets to get real payouts.

The main benefits of the Mystic Wolf slot machine

Atmosphere. If you are attracted to the theme of wildlife, in this case, you will definitely appreciate the Mystic Wolf slot dedicated to wolves. Mystical scenery with pleasant music – a great way to spend some free time; it won’t leave anyone indifferent. The image quality will cause a dopamine surge even for the most spoiled players.

Easy to win. The Mystic Wolf slot doesn’t just allow you to win. You can win in any slot, but what makes Mystic Wolf different? First and foremost, it has a bonus round with up to 50 free spins that you can get twice in a row. Secondly, it offers the Wild symbol with a multiplier of x5 (or x10  in the bonus round). Thirdly, hitting the jackpot is possible, and you can win at any point in the game.

Simplicity. No experience is needed. You can get to grips with the game’s controls on the go. All you have to do it to simply press the start button. Changing the bet amount is very simple. To make the game automatic, just activate the appropriate function. Even a beginner can do it.

Cross-platform access. You can play Mystic Wolf on any device of any brand and any operating system. This slot machine is adapted for any platform, be it Android or iOS. All you have to do is log into the web version of the casino from your mobile and run Mystic Wolf. The slot machine also works great on tablets, computers, and laptops, including the latter two, as many casinos offer an app for Windows.

There’s a reason why Mystic Wolf slot machine is one of Realtime Gaming’s most popular games. It has everything players need and are excited about: a wide betting range, great bonuses, a chance of winning a jackpot, generous multipliers, and intuitive controls. Immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere of the popular game right now to get your dose of excitement and just take a break from everyday life! 

Last Updated on June 22, 2021