The Club Cards of Slots

One cannot find the most important card on the casino tables. The most important card is known as the “Comp Card”. It can be found at the club of the players. The Comp card is also called the “slot club card”. An ordinary slot player might never know how much the worth of this tiny card is.

In the past years the only ones who receive the Comp, a shortened term for a complimentary, are the players at the table. The Comp card is like a rebate given by the casino to return to the customer for his or her loyalty. The Comp card can be given as meals free of charge or shows for free. It can also be given as accommodations like rooms free of charge. Throughout the years that slot existed the casinos have recognized the value of the players of slots; they have come to value them as the casino’s bread and butter. It is a fact that the slots earn much profit than the games played in the table, although before the games played in the table earn more profits for the casinos however today the profit that comes from the slot machines range between seventy five up to eighty percent.

The “Slot Clubs” originated in the Atlantic City. It began in the 80’s early years. The Slot clubs came about as a way of the casinos to stop the players from going to one casino to the other. It is like giving the players their reward for being loyal and since then the casinos indeed made most players come back. Today the slot clubs can be found in the majority of operated casinos. The slot cards however aren’t just for the players of slots. Majority of the casinos combine the slot machines as well as the table games into a single card of the player.

Most players can gain comps which include food, accommodations, and free shows and in some instances a rebate in the form of cash is also given. When signing up for the comp card, a player will also get information regarding promotions that will be offered in the casinos. Gaining comps is also a way of achieving an extra for a player’s dollar in the casino however no one can get the benefits unless he or she owns a comp card.

There are players who doesn’t own a comp card and justify this by saying that they don’t play that much to gain anything anyways however the fact is the points earned in playing slots and other table games can quickly earn you points eligible for the rebates. Many players play a certain machine then put their wins back by playing the machine again. This is called a “churn”. It is common that most players churn much money in just an hour of playing, so it is advisable to sign up for a card and get something in return for the hundreds of dollars.

Last Updated on June 20, 2021