How much time will it take to make an online casino review by SLOTS43 team?

Usually, it takes up to 2 working weeks. Every online casino review is an entirely handwritten project, which includes the work of a few people. If you want to speed up the process, you will need to contact us.

On which things to focus while making an online casino review?

First of all, we will take a look at the security level. It is an essential factor if you are going to spend some real money. Besides, such features like bonuses and a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods are critical factors in the reviewing business.

How to be sure that the online casino is safe and reputable without risking your own money?

The license given by the reputable authority can be a grant of a safe and reliable online casino. You can also take at the bottom of the casino websites, and if you spot the PayPal logo and the information of it as a payment method, you can trust it. Because of the rules, that internet casino should stick to if they cooperate with PayPal.

Is it necessary to write Terms and Conditions?

Some authorities and license givers require Terms and Conditions to be stated on the site with the particular online casino review. For example, all British online casinos and affiliate websites should write full T&C, to be able to promote that casino establishment.

Aren’t online casino review harm people?

First of all, every person MUST know their local LAWs about online gambling in the casinos. Not all countries have the same rules, terms and conditions. Besides, gambling is allowed only for 18+ persons, and in some countries only from 21+. Secondly, every gambler should play responsibly and must control himself, to avoid bad gambling habits. Suppose the person cannot make it, then the player should write to reputable companies like GamCare, BeGambleAware. In that case, that can help solve the gambling problems or simply exclude the person from the online casinos.